How to Set Up Hi-Fi Speaker System at Home?


Nowadays, hi-fi or ‘high fidelity’ speaker systems are common in households. With the improvement in the graphics and VFX of games and movies, the next big thing which needed upliftment was the audio quality.

There is no denying how sound brings life into anything that we see on the screen. While we always had speakers and heavy audio systems for that cause, hi-fi speaker systems turned the tables 180 degrees!

They are a blessing to the audiophiles especially, because they enhance the sound quality to just another level. In fact, owing to the increasing popularity and demand, the hi-fi speaker system market is expected to grow by a massive CAGR of 5.2% by the year 2025!

So, planning on buying your personal hi-fi system anytime sooner now? Here’s a guide to help you set it up:

Buying the most appropriate hi-fi speaker system

First things first – you need to buy a hi-fi speaker system as per your choice and budget. A hi-fi system typically consists of three items – a source, an amplifier, and hi-fi speakers. Now, your source could be anything – right from your smartphone to your CD player.

Next up is the amplifier. An amplifier is a device that, if put simply, delivers sound to your speaker. You can buy an amplifier from the store, as they are available easily and in many varieties. Now, the main thing for the hi-fi speaker system are the hi-fi speakers. Various famous brands like JBL, Bose, etc. manufacture hi-fi speakers.

Search up for these on any e-commerce platform and you may even be able to avail yourself discounts. But remember, the hi-fi speaker’s size must be proportionate to the size of the room where it will be installed. If they are too big or too small, the whole experience will be ruined!

Pick the right receivers

Next up, you need to choose the receivers for setting up your hi-fi speaker system. But what are receivers, you ask? A receiver is an electronic component that is generally used in home theatres. Their purpose is to connect your speakers with your source and amplifier.

Since it is the hub of connectivity in your entire hi-fi speaker system, you need to be very specific while choosing the receiver for your system. Be aware of the quality – better the quality of the receiver in your system, and enhance the final sound quality produced.

On top of it, if you go for a branded, good quality receiver, it will also enable you with a variety of connectivity options like Analog audio, Digital audio, HDMI, and even USB (in some cases). They also provide Bluetooth and WiFi connectivity these days! Again, these are also available on Amazon, Flipkart, and other websites.

The placement

Undeniably the most crucial stage of setting up a hi-fi speaker system! And trust me, that’s also the part which most people fail to ace. The placement of your speakers and the rest of your gear plays a very important role in your overall listening experience. Just a tad bit incorrect placement is all it takes to ruin your overall sound experience.

Therefore, it is always suggested to pay utmost attention while placing the speakers. Do not place them against the wall. Make sure to angle them towards the spot you will be sitting at. Besides, like said earlier, the size of the speakers must also be in proportion to the place where they are to be placed.

If they are too big, you will face excess bass problems which are tough to fix. If they are too small, the sound reach will not be up to the mark. If you’re not sure about how to place the sound system, then it would be wise to hire a company like The Grid which specializes in designing and installing the best sound system to fit your specific room requirements.

The final touches

Now, breathe a little, you are almost done with the setting up. For the final touches, you may want to get your furniture moving a little so as to ensure the best experience.

Again, your hi-fi speakers need a little pampering too. You need to invest in ‘isolation feet’ or ‘floor spikes’ to stop your speakers from wobbling on the floor. It also ensures a better sound quality.

Over to you…

Hi-fi speaker systems provide amazing sound quality when compared to home theatres, almost at the same price. But then again, they are not the easiest to set-up.

Here, we provided a handbook on how you can install a hi-fi speaker system at your home without a professional. If you are looking out to buy one in the future, make sure to go through this article beforehand.

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