How to set up solar panels for apartment


Switching to solar energy instead of using fossil fuels is becoming more and more popular in the world. This is due not only to the fact that the population of the planet cares about the preservation of the environment, but also to the fact that solar photovoltaic technologies are becoming more accessible and productive. Installing solar panels for apartment buildings is guaranteed to be a profitable investment.

In order to install a solar panel for an apartment in an apartment building, you need to spend several hours studying local standard and technical characteristics of the installation. For an apartment, a portable solar panel system is suitable, which can be used wherever the sun’s rays fall. It is difficult to install such a power system on your own. A solar company can help you select and install solar panels for your apartment that will meet at least part of your energy needs and save you a lot of money in the long run.

Can You Put Solar Panels On An Apartment?

Before installing solar panels in one apartment in an apartment building, you must perform the following actions:

  • Obtain permission from the owner of the building in advance;
  • determine what financial resources can be obtained and consider all available financing agreements for a solar project;
  • determine the presence of an individual or common electric meter and panel;
  • find out if the energy company will work with you through a net metering agreement.

After that, you need to choose a portable solar panel system that can be placed on a balcony, window sill, rooftop or other place with good sun lighting. A typical portable kit contains one or more panels and an accumulator battery. It has a low power output (100 to 300 W) and generates 0.3 to 1.5 kWh per day1. This amount of energy is enough to charge smartphones, laptops and even small household appliances. But even these modest energy savings add up over time, allowing for lower costs2.

If you rent an apartment and live in a house with a roof suitable for installing batteries, you can ask your landlord to install solar panels. The homeowner may enter a rent contract into a long-term power system lease, as removing the panels before the contract expires incurs penalties.

After installing portative panels during the daytime, thanks to grid metering technology, excess electricity that your apartment does not need can be sent back to the grid. At night, you can import energy so that all appliances in the apartment work directly from the circuit. The installed bidirectional meter will register the import and export of electrical energy. With an increase in net imports, consumers pay for electricity at the latest tariffs. If net exports are higher, the utility sets a consumer credit for the difference3.

Solar Panels for Apartment– The Benefits

Before deciding to install solar panels, carefully consider your budget and choose the right devices. Consult with an expert to estimate the cost of installation and maintenance of panels. Despite the fact that their initial cost will seem high to you, the costs quickly pay off. You also need to calculate how many panels you need.

Before installing a solar panel, you need to determine how much electricity your apartment consumes. This can be done with an online calculator or an experienced technician. Your solar panels should be located in the most lit area that you need to find. Solar panels for apartments can also be installed on the roofs of apartment buildings.

There are many benefits of installing portable solar panels for apartments

Control over Your Electricity

Installing solar panels will allow you to have full control over the income and expense of electricity. This means you can save money on your monthly bills by generating your own power and benefit from the local grid net metering policy.

Cheaper Bills

Financial returns and lower monthly utility bills are the main incentives to switch to solar energy. Since you are using the free electricity that is generated by your solar panels, your electricity bills will go down. Moreover, the more it will be produced by your solar panels, the lower the monthly electricity bill will be.

Reduce Your Carbon

Solar panels – a natural renewable energy source. Their use reduces the consumption of fossil fuels and greenhouse gas emissions that affect climate change on the planet. One solar panel could prevent 176 foot of carbon dioxide from being released a year4. The use of solar energy reduces water consumption5.

Reduce Grid Reliance

Installing portable solar systems with a rechargeable battery will allow you to become independent from the utility grid. This means that you can use the power of the panels at any time of the day. Independence from the local power supply is especially useful during grid maintenance, power outages during emergencies, and utility bill increases. As a result of a sudden power outage, your household electrical appliances will not be affected, as they will use the energy stored in the battery.

Tax Breaks and Cash Incentives

When buying portable solar panels for your apartment, you can take advantage of the 30% federal tax credit (ITC), which will lower your purchase cost4. In addition to the federal solar investment tax credit, many states offer solar rebates and tax credits for solar home systems. Some states are currently implementing pilot programs to increase low-income households’ access to solar energy.

Solar for Apartments is Simple

With solar panels, your apartment can generate its own domestic energy, giving you energy freedom and peace of mind in the event of extreme weather and outdated power grids. The Clean Energy Home Loan acts as a 30% discount coupon for the installation of a home energy system. The Net Metering program allows you to earn money from the excess energy that your installation produces. . Installing solar panels increases the value of your home by exempting you from paying additional property taxes.

The solar company offers to purchase high-quality solar panels with their subsequent installation and maintenance. Experienced specialists of the company will help you make all the calculations and advise on your questions. On the site you will find information with which you can order solar panels for home and business with the best prices and fast service.




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