How to Set Up Your Gaming Rig


Are you ready to blast your opponents to smithereens and climb the leaderboards into gaming fame? Then it’s time to set up the ultimate gaming rig to get you to glory. Think of it as your fortress, equipped with everything you need to fight off incoming enemies. This is where you’ll launch your attacks, defend your title, and maybe even make history. Use this gaming rig checklist to get you ready to go into battle.

❏   The Desk

Apart from a high-performance computer, your gaming desk is probably the most important investment you’ll make. This is where you’re going to build empires, so make sure to put significant thought into your setup! A gaming desk should be big enough to hold all your tech, including a computer, extra monitors, speakers, keyboard, VR goggles, and any other gear you can’t live without. Opt for a simple setup that minimizes the amount of clutter that can pile up around your rig.  You will want a good gaming monitor as well.

Desks that feature lots of drawers are a magnet for mess. Try to find a desk without much storage space so you don’t bury your rig in miscellaneous cables, gaming cases, desktop accessories, and food wrappers. If you need a place to store extra equipment, find a clear plastic bin that you can keep under your desk. That way you can easily see what’s inside and everything is in one space. While the look of your gaming desk depends on your individual style, many digital champions prefer a black and chrome color scheme.This sleek pairing has a futuristic feel, and gets you in the headspace to conquer any creatures that cross your path.

❏   The Computer

Alright, this one is the biggie. Without an exceptional gaming laptop, you won’t ever be considered more than an amateur. The most important elements of a powerhouse PC include:

To make the most out of each gaming session, you want a processor that can handle complex tasks with ease. Intel produces some of the best CPUs in the world, and the Intel Core i7 series is ideal for gaming because it supports Turbo Boost and Hyper-Threading—perfect for gamers who like to overclock their PCs. A dedicated graphics card will make each pixel crisp and tear-free, high levels of memory space will save all your big files, and multiple ports ensure you can plug in an extra wide monitor to maximize your visual field.

❏   The Headset

It’s likely you’re going to be spending hours at a time setting up strategic attacks and outwitting your opponents, so finding the most comfortable gaming headset is critical for your success. Ditch the dinky

earbuds in favor of hefty headphones that are equipped with a microphone so you can chat with your teammates before launching a tactical assault. It’s important for the ear pads to be comfortable, and some high-end headphones even boast cooling mechanisms so your noggin doesn’t overheat after several hours!

❏   The Keyboard

For the avid PC gamer, a good keyboard can make all the difference. Important qualities you want to consider when shopping include:

  • Key rollover
  • Build quality
  • Switches
  • Backlighting
  • Software customization

If you’re going to be executing complex commands, you want to make sure your key rollover is at least

6KRO. Choose between mechanical or membrane switches depending on your desired sound level and durability. And if you like to program customized key strokes, make sure you keyboard can support that level of personalization. As you hunt for the perfect weapon (that’s what a keyboard is in the gaming world, after all!) make sure to look for a gaming mouse as well. Consider the ergonomic design and the response rate when you need to pull off a blitzkrieg of tactical clicks.

❏   The Speakers

When you don’t need headphones to speak to teammates or keep noise levels down at night, make sure your gaming rig is outfitted with a couple killer speakers. What’s the point of a crystal-clear ultrawide display when the audio isn’t as immersive as the graphics? To eliminate clutter at your desk, opt for wireless speakers that feature Bluetooth capabilities. This allows you to move the speakers around for a surround-sound effect that will keep you engaged throughout gameplay. Plus, if you want to mute the game noises, the Bluetooth feature allows you to jam out to your favorite tunes you have downloaded on your smartphone!

❏   The Chair

Last, but certainly not least, is your chair. This is the throne of your gaming rig, and you want something that can keep you comfy when you pull all-nighters climbing the ranks. Make sure your chair has good lumbar support, arm rests to take the edge off tired limbs, and perhaps even a headrest to let you lean back during less-intense episodes of play.

Your fortress is now complete. When you equip your rig with all these key features, it’s guaranteed that you’ll ascend to gaming glory!

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