How to Ship a Car to Another State


Are you planning to move to another state and wondering how to get your car there?

You’re certainly not alone. Every year, over 7 million Americans relocate to another state for work, school, adventure, or even to be closer to family. The vast majority of these people own at least one car, which has to move along with them.

You’ve probably considered multiple options, including driving the car yourself. But, like most people, you have settled on using a shipping service.

Smart choice! Read on for a guide on how to ship a car to another state smoothly and cost-effectively.

Settle on the Type of Transport

Car shipping is exactly what it sounds like. It’s put on a carrier and transported from one point to another, the same way other manufactured goods are shipped.

This means there are a couple of carrier options you can choose from. The main types are open carriers and enclosed carriers.

An open carrier is the cheaper option, but your car isn’t protected from the elements. Anything from harsh weather to road debris can cause some damage to your car.

An enclosed carrier is pricier, but your car will be in the safest environment. Barring unforeseen events, you’ll receive your car just as you left it.

If you’re on a tight budget, it’s fine to choose an open carrier as long as there isn’t adverse weather along the way.

Choose a Shipping Service Provider

There are thousands of car shipping companies across the U.S., but they aren’t all created equal. Some only offer in-state shipping services and others offer shipping to a limited number of states. Some national shippers will deliver your car in any state.

Of course, the first thing to consider is whether an auto shipping company delivers to the state you’re moving to. If you are moving from New York to Florida, for example, the company must provide NY to Florida car shipping.

If you have a couple of companies on your list, use things like cost, speed of delivery, and reputation to zero in on one that suits your needs. If you want your car delivered the next day, for example, the company should guarantee next-day delivery.

Read online reviews on sites like Yelp and Google to form an opinion of the company’s reliability. If it has low ratings and/or the comments are negative, it’s in your best interest to find another company.

Prepare Your Vehicle for Shipping

If you’re anything like most car owners, your car is a second home. Chances are there’s a fair number of belongings in there, ranging from confidential documents to things you no longer need.

There’s a good chance you can ship the car the way it is, and you’d receive it with everything intact, but it’s not recommended. Most shipping companies will ask you to remove your valuables as they won’t admit liability in case something’s lost.

Take some time to rummage through the car and take out what shouldn’t be there. You can then call the company to collect the car or drop it off at their location.

How to Ship a Car to Another State Made Easy

Regardless of your reason for moving to another state, you don’t want to leave your car behind. With this guide on how to ship a car to another state, you now know what you need to do to bring your car along to your new home.

We have more helpful guides on a range of subjects. Look around and enjoy!

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