How to Spot Fake Online Casino Review

The invention of online casinos has made our entertainment experience brighter and more convenient. You don’t have to go to the nearest land-based venue to perform a few gambling sessions and try your luck. Now, it would be enough to turn on your laptop or computer and launch a casino website via your browser. Although the Internet brings a lot of opportunities and benefits, it also comes with a certain portion of risks. Apart from trustworthy online casinos, there are numerous scams. They strive to attract users and get their money by cheating. One of the possible ways is placing fake online casino reviews. They blur the lines between genuine and rigged gambling venues.

Don’t panic though. Below we will share a few tips on spotting such reviews. Besides, there are dedicated blogs that help players detect scams and follow only trusted gambling websites. One such example is Arivoli Rublorees’ blog. There you can find Arivoli’s rating of online casinos, interviews with real players, and detailed overview of gambling websites. This can serve as a great tool to decide on the right online casinos and get valuable info about them. And if you want to learn more about the ways of spotting fake reviews, stay here and continue reading.

Read all kinds of casino reviews and analyze them

To begin with, it’s worth mentioning that fake casino reviews can be both positive and negative. The companies may pay people for those reviews to attract more people, boost traffic, and, of course, steal clients from competitors. So, it’s important to look through both positive and negative reviews because all of them can be sponsored. Also, it can give an overall understanding of the casino practices before you join the site.

For example, if you see only positive feedback in different sources, it can be a red flag. As you may know, opinions differ. And ideally, you should stumble upon various feedback. So, it might be suspicious that everyone is completely satisfied with playing in a particular casino. Even MarketWatch points out that positive feedback isn’t a sure sign of a reliable casino. Negative comments may be more useful and more trustworthy as they focus on certain weak points of the casino’s service. But as we said earlier, negative reviews can also be fake.

Now you may say: “How am I supposed to spot fake positive and negative feedback?” The best thing you can do in this case is to check who created that post on a forum or a review site. If you see that it’s a new member who hasn’t posted anything yet, then it’s likely that you’re facing a fake. Try to think critically and don’t pay much attention to such reviews. Move further.

Test the online casino and try to play there

This may seem quite adventurous and even dangerous but sometimes it can still be unclear whether you should play in a particular online casino or not. You may feel uncertain even after exploring all kinds of comments and reviews. And the only possible way to learn if you should rely on this feedback is to check the online casino by yourself. The procedure will be quite similar to that of selecting a reliable online casino. You’ll have to do sound research on the gambling venues you’re interested in. And it certainly should cover the following points:

  1. General information on where the casino is registered, how long it operates on the market, if it has licenses, which government body controls it, etc;
  2. Then, you should read its terms and requirements, check the payment methods available, if it has a contact page or support team, and other things;
  3. The next step relates to the transparency of the casino. Before depositing money to a certain casino, try to play free games or demo games if possible. Then, try playing for real money. Make a small deposit to your account and start playing. If you have won, try to withdraw your winnings from the casino. That may show you how it works and whether it’s fair or not.

The list of necessary measures for testing a casino can be extended. But we believe it will be enough for checking and getting the overall understanding of processes.

Follow your gut

Unfortunately, there’s no guarantee that you’ll successfully spot a fake online casino review. Still, some more tips will help you identify fake reviews.

If you see that a reviewer is expert in anything from cosmetics to sophisticated IT tools, you may conclude that their casino review is sponsored.

Also, as we have mentioned earlier, you can check how active the reviewer has been. Is he or she a new member of the forum/site or not? This can also be a sign of fake online casino reviews, so take it with a grain of salt.

Another tip is to feel the tone which the reviewer uses in their posts. Some reviews can be opinionated even if they relate to different companies.

Or, you may spot vigorous reviewers who leave their feedback even before the product has been released. So, in this case, you’ll have to verify when the review was written.

These were the basic points that you can rely on while trying to understand if you’ve faced genuine or fake reviews. So, feel free to use them.

Here, we tried to provide you with useful guidelines on how to spot fake online casino reviews. And as you might have noticed, you can’t fully rely on what somebody posts on the Internet. So, we hope that this article was helpful and informative, and you’ll try to stick to these tips in the future.