How to Spread the Word about the Realities of Covid-19

The coronavirus has caused a world of trouble ever since it first surfaced in Wuhan, China. The other nations did not take it seriously until the death toll in China saw a steep increase. By then, it was too late because coronavirus had already spread much like the 1918 to 1919 Influenza aka the Spanish Flu.

Very few of the people alive today have been through an epidemic before, but no one has witnessed a pandemic of this size in their lives. That is why governments don’t know how to act.

Now, there is mayhem all over the world as the virus is spreading and taking more lives every single day. Governments around the world are struggling to handle the situation appropriately. They can’t provide the proper tools to treat the ill, and reasonable explanations to keep the others calm. That is why people want to speak out and tell others what is going on in their areas.

How are they speaking out?

With Blogs

Many people are publishing blogs on various websites, but they are keeping their identities anonymous. These people are scared of what the government or someone in power might do to them. Not only that, but they might also fear their future success could get hurt. Yet, they are motivated to speak out and let the world know.

With Social Media Posts

There are many influencers and celebrities on social media platforms. These famous people are spreading the word around about things happening near them, and they are also forwarding other people’s posts to create more awareness.