How to Start a Marijuana Delivery Service

The marijuana industry in Canada has been growing on a large scale since it was legalized in October 2018. As business is currently booming, now is the ideal time to invest in a marijuana business. However, there are many laws and local province rules that you need to comply with to make your business legal and destined for success. 

Why start a delivery service? 

Starting a marijuana delivery service is one of the simpler ways to get started in the marijuana industry and is also an easy way to expand your current store. 

There are minimal start-up costs for you to consider when setting up a delivery business, as you will not need to invest in a physical store. However, if you are setting up a delivery service with no association with a store then you will need to consider a safe and secure place to store your stock. 

One of the most popular reasons for starting a delivery service is that you can offer a more personal service. For some people who use marijuana for medical reasons, your delivery service may be the only way they can access the products that they need.  

Setting up a marijuana delivery service

In comparison with starting up businesses in other areas, there are several additional considerations for any prospective marijuana businesses. 

Complying with local laws 

Starting up your new marijuana delivery business may not necessarily be straightforward. This is because you need to comply with federal laws along with specific province laws. For added confusion, the laws for each area will differ depending on which province your business is located in. 

Marijuana business laws 

Before opening your delivery service you need to ensure that you have obtained all of the appropriate licencing documentation that you require for your province and local area. Each province will have different rules that you need to follow to obtain your licence, so you might want to consider legal advice to ensure that your business complies with the law. Most provinces in Canada now allow delivery of marijuana products but you will also need to check that this applies to the location that you want to trade-in.  

Who can buy my products? 

The laws on who can buy, carry and consume marijuana products also apply to who can use your delivery service. Again, these laws differ depending on which area you are trading in but you need to be aware of the minimum age for selling marijuana products and ask for appropriate ID if needed.  

The maximum amount of marijuana that you can sell to a person remains at the legal limit of 30 grams of dried product or the equivalent of a different form. However, once licenced, you will be able to carry more than this in your delivery vehicle. Though often there will be limits on the total retail value for the stock you are transporting.  Be sure to check options for Mail order marijuana as well.

Marketing restrictions 

There are strict rules for what types of marketing is allowed for marijuana products. Online marketing rules are strict, with online platforms such as Google and many popular social media sites having their own rules that prevent the advertising of any marijuana products. 

This can provide severe restrictions for how you can market your delivery service. However, you can use the support of marijuana platform sites to help promote your business. If you are in Ontario then the belleville delivery services is a platform that helps businesses in this area.  


Unlike physical stores, there are a number of additional factors that you need to consider before opening your business. 

Delivery Vehicle

All of the vehicles that you use for your business must be compliant with your local business rules and any additional rules required for carrying marijuana products.

  • Working GPS tracker 
  • Alarm system 
  • Marijuana products locked-up during transport 
  • If carrying perishable items then vehicles must comply with temperature regulations


If you are employing other workers for your delivery service, then along with complying with employment law there are several additional factors to consider. 

  • All employees must be of the legal age to drive and carry marijuana products 
  • Employees must follow the law, as if they are found to be driving under the influence of drugs then along with fines and criminal records it will also impact your business. 
  • Every transaction must be recorded. 
  • Employees must carry any required documentation and ID with them on every journey. 

Even though there are many legal requirements to consider before you can open your marijuana delivery service it is still a profitable area that is worth investing in. If you follow your province’s rules, then once your business has opened it is destined to be a huge success.