How to Start a Successful Book Blog That Generates A Thousand Dollars Per Month


In today’s world, having a passion or a hobby is no longer just that. It is key to generating your income without the constraints of a corporate job. You can take this passion and turn it into an online blog that could generate monthly income. Writing about your hobby and sharing or teaching your skill can earn you at least a thousand dollars a month. The trick is learning how to set up a blog that you can monetize, which will be a life-changing move for you.

Choose a Niche

To start a blog, you need to decide on a niche to write about, which will preferably be something you are passionate about, interested in, and are willing to regularly turn into content. Pick a topic and create a specific sub-topic under it that will become your niche. If you love fitness, maybe your niche will be strength training for beginners; in finance, your niche can be how to budget your personal finances. For a more detailed example, avid readers who have read countless books over the years and are passionate about personal development books can start their very own book blog, writing reviews and sharing thoughts on all the books they have read across the years. They can then recommend books and earn money from affiliated marketing of those books.

Create your Blog Site

When you’ve chosen your niche, you need to turn that into a tangible platform. You need to create your blog through a website host provider and register for a domain name. To be able to generate income, you should pick a host that will give you control over your themes, page layout, and add-ons. Most paid blog hosting providers come with installed WordPress content management system to make setting up your blog a breeze. Once you have subscribed for a hosting provider, you need to come up with a website domain name.

Monetizing Your Blog

After creating your blog, you’ll need to start planning how to make money out of it. There are two main points here. First, generate traffic to your website, you will need to utilize SEO tools, use social media, and write relevant articles for your audience. The second point is your money-making agent. There are several actions you can incorporate. Affiliated Marketing and Sponsored Ads are the two most popular ways. Affiliate marketing is linking products that you have reviewed and recommended within your article, and if someone uses that link to buy that product you earn a commission. Sponsored Ads will utilize the borders of your blog page and place Ad banners against a pay per click cost that you earn a commission off as well. The more traffic that visits your blog the more your earning potential will be!

While the steps are not complicated, the process of creating a money-generating blog will need hard work to grow and sustain it. So, if you feel this is something for you, start taking a hard look at your passions and hobbies and see how you can turn them into a monetized blog that can earn you at least a thousand dollars a month.

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