How to Start Optimizing Your Website


Optimizing our website’s is more than great content or images, it needs to do more than catch our eye for sure! So the first rule is to get it seen and doing this will require different levels of optimization. You need to think mostly about how they get there in the first place, perhaps links to other local businesses, like putting a card up in the local shop window asking if you can link to their website! Sounds simple enough right, build a website link to local business and you’re done!

As Long as it Looks Good!

So take a search, any, and check how many pages there are below, note these are pages of links not links to a page! I apologize for stating the obvious but it’s news to some and when they start looking at the number of websites about any subject of interest to people they may start to wonder how they get noticed!  You can even find specialized services like a medical SEO agency as well!

On most Google searches there are 1-10 pages to choose from but if you look through or jump straight to 10 it will show 10-14 etc! These are pages written for the most part by people like us and they contain what we want such as images and details about your beautiful new medical practice in Park Slope! Today I found a site with high domain authority on page 18 of my search which means even strong domains have low ranking content.

What Is Medical SEO?

So a doctor starting a new practice in a beautiful little surgery near Prospect Park knows their sign, reputation, and the phone book are not going to be enough so they build a website! A colleague of a friend knows how. So they commission them and it’s beautiful, excellent placement of pictures, easy links contains all the right details, takes the customer exactly where they need to go but is not bringing in customers. Why?

The business has changed. You can’t pop over and speak to Sundar Pichai and say hey why is my website not drawing a crowd? I am sure he could tell you but it’s not his business. His business is to make sure it’s a fair and equitable platform. So what is needed?

It needs Medical SEO New York or search engine optimization, people need to be talking about this practice. This is the Big Apple after all as Frank Sinatra said if you can make it there you can make it anywhere, and here is a place where people need a reason to come to you. It is critical to be noticed in business so connect to local business, perhaps a nearby coffee shop for people who arrived too early or the park home page.

What Is Medical SEO

New Yorkers are proud they want what they want when they want it, which is usually now, and of course, it has to be the best. So your Website needs to be the same, it too needs to stand out proud among the crowd. With over 50,000 Physicians in the state and over 4300 anesthesiologists active in March 2020, your website needs everything it can get so that people know where to come, where to park, wait perhaps even do a little shopping if they are waiting for a friend or partner. Perhaps even a nice walk in the park.

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