How to Stay Organized When Traveling As a Group


Whether you are planning on traveling with a bunch of your friends or with family, there are more than a couple of things that you need to be on top of to make sure your experience throughout the trip goes as smoothly as possible. These pieces of advice that cover your journey from the moment you start setting up your trip to the return will make you evade stress and unnecessary hassle.

Break down the process

The very first thing to do if you want to plan a group trip and have it remain as organized as possible is breaking down the process and dividing up aspects to make sure that your plans to travel actually come true. This can be done by either appointing a couple of leaders to ensure that the procedures are going well and you are going through everything needed for the group to travel or by simply splitting up tasks such as accommodation, budgeting, and activities between different people in your group. If you do that then there isn’t going to be just one person shouldering all of the pain of planning a group trip, especially if the group is a large one.

Booking flights

If you are planning on traveling somewhere by flying there, the earlier you book, the cheaper the ticket. Early booking also means that you will not find any trouble trying to have the group sitting near each other on the plane and no one will have to have a different flight because of seating. Try to book at times when airlines have discounts or even packages which you can use to decrease the costs of your trip as much as possible.

Documents keeper

Whether you are traveling by plane or by train, we recommend having one of the group members being the keeper of all the documents during the time spent in the airport as well as during the trip. Getting a multiple passport holder to keep all documents needed during your time traveling safely in one place is another way of ensuring your documents won’t get lost. If you are traveling with family and you have children who of course cannot carry their own passports, then this passport holder or case will be a great investment in keeping your documents safe.

Don’t leave plans unfinished

Try as hard as you can to set up activities throughout the days of your trip so that you do not leave it to fate or an indecisive group of people to find out what they’re going to do. The whole group, of course, can weigh in on the activities that you as a group will be doing, but leaving it up for them to decide every detail instantly will be tedious and lead to a very disorganized trip.

Have backups

Never have just one plan at the ready. Circumstances change all the time and if you don’t have any backup activities planned then you might not enjoy your trip as much as you want to. When traveling in groups you need to think about how some will not enjoy certain activities planned. Having contingencies will save you a lot of hassle and complaints from people about not having fun.

Organization is key to a great trip

The more organized everything concerning your trip is, the more time you’ll spend having fun instead of worrying about something not going the way you want. Keeping your documents in one place and more importantly with you at all times will also ensure that they are as secure as possible. Most importantly to be as organized as possible during a group trip, make sure that you label your belongings and keep track of your things so they do not get lost.

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