How to Style a Room with Two Sofas


Styling your living room is one of the most fun parts of redecorating. This room is where most of us spend a lot of time when we are looking to relax, kick back and feel most at home. Given it is a space which you will spend a lot of time in, it is important to get the decoration and furniture just right. In order to be comfortable and have enough space for both friends and family, you will probably incorporate two sofas into your scheme. It’s quite a commitment of funds for some but can be made affordable and appealing if you’re searching for cheap living room sets, which makes the prospect far more viable. Practically, depending on the size and shape of your room, fitting two sofas in and making them look good can be tricky despite the price point giving you a big green light.

Keep reading for the best ways to style a room with two sofas.

Place opposite each other

The most common way to style a room with two sofas and something we have seen time and time again is placing the sofas opposite each other. It may be quite obvious, but this is often the most effective way to use the space available to you and allows you to plan the rest of the room around the sofas. This arrangement looks best in square or rectangular rooms as it creates symmetry which might look strange in a room with a lot of angles. A nice idea is to put a coffee table in between the two sofas so that they are the focal point of the room and a place where you can socialize with friends and family. If you are aiming for quite a sleek, modern look, it is best to go for a matching set of sofas which will compliment each other.

Now, there may be some sofas that their manufacturers call “couches.” However, you don’t have to worry since sofas and couches are basically the same. For more information, read our article, What is the difference between a sofa and a couch?

Go for an L-shaped arrangement

If having your sofas opposite each other isn’t an option, then you may want to go for an L-shaped arrangement. This could be preferable if you have a larger space available to you or if you want to have your sofas facing towards a focal point, for example, a television or a lovely view from a big window. An L-shaped sofa arrangement gives you more seating space which is perfect for entertaining, and this way of styling your room will also give a very open and welcoming feel, perfect for after a long day at work. For extra space, you could push your L-shaped sofas against the wall and again have plenty of space for a coffee table and other focal points within the room, whether it be a fireplace or a painting.

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Think about angles

Finally, arranging your sofas at an angle is the way to go if the previous options don’t suit the shape of your room or décor scheme. Again, this style probably lends itself best to larger living rooms as the sofas need to be more spaced out so they don’t overwhelm the room or look cramped. This arrangement looks great in a more elaborate interior scheme as you can mix and match color and pattern whilst still providing space and seating for guests and everyday life.

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