How to Style Yourself Casually with a Cool Shirt


Augusta shirts are perfect for daily wear, and even for certain occasions or events A classic white shirt never goes out of style and can be paired with almost anything, be it jeans or skirts. Hence, always make sure to have that classic white shirt in your closet. Nevertheless, here are even more tips on how you can style yourself casually with a cool shirt, other than a classic white shirt that is.

Put a Blazer on Top of a Cool Shirt

You can use a subtle statement shirt or a custom printed shirt in a neutral shade under a bold-colored blazer. Alternatively, you can opt to wear a bold-colored shirt underneath a black or a white blazer. Nonetheless, this is best paired with a denim skirt and classic pumps that match the color of the blazer or denim shorts with sneakers.

Match a Cool Shirt with a Pleated Skirt or a Plaid Skirt

A graphic tee in pastel colors or bright hues can be paired with a black pleated skirt. On the other hand, Aviation T-shirt in more neutral hues can be paired with a metallic pleated skirt. It is best if your skirt is mid-length to give that casual but classy vibe. Accessorize with a pair or aviation glasses to complete your look. If you are going for a plaid skirt, a plain shirt proves to be better.

Wear an Oversized Shirt as a Dress

Before giving away those oversized shirts from the 90s era, try wearing them as a dress. Put on a belt that will complement the color of the shirt such as a red belt for a black shirt or a brown belt that will enhance a pink or green hue. Boot your soles up and you are good to go.

Use a Basic Shirt Under an Overall

Any type of shirt is perfect under a denim overall. But you need to be more careful in pairing a shirt with a printed overall. Get a cohesive look by using a shirt that accentuates the color of the prints of the overall. For instance, if you are wearing an overall with white polka dots, then use a white shirt underneath it. If you are wearing a floral overall, choose a shirt color that matches the colors of the flowers in the overall.

Pair up a Cool Shirt with Distressed Jeans

Almost any shirt can be paired with tattered jeans, whether you have a shirt in bold colors or in neutral hues. You can either soften the look by wearing comfy sneakers, or dress it up be wearing classy pumps.

For men, solid and single-toned shirts rock it.

Everyone needs to dress appropriately, and sometimes, this means dressing in a style suitable for your age. While using graphic tees are all right in certain cases, men should opt to use one-color shirts or striped tees. This will give men more sense of masculinity and not leave a “man-child” impression. Pair these shirts with jeans that actually fit you perfectly and not those that are either too tight or overly loose.

Additional Tips (For Men Too!)

Check whether it is appropriate for you to wear a shirt in the event or occasion you are going to. Generally, shirts are suitable only as a casual wear, but there specific instances wherein you can get away with wearing a shirt on formal events. Nonetheless, it is still best not to challenge the dress code.

Understand your body type and look for a shirt that fits you appropriately. For instance, a V-neck shirt generally looks good for men who are physically fit while crewnecks best fits men who have thinner frames. While everybody can wear shirts, not everybody looks good in doing so. This is why it is important to know what type of shirt flatters or accentuates your best angles.

Lastly, choose the right style and color of shirt for you. As mentioned above, you may need to let go of those graphic tees to pave the way for more masculine shirts in single hues. Apart from the style, it is a bonus if your favorite shirt comes in a good and high-quality fabric to guarantee its durability.

While it is true that there is more than meets the eye, carrying yourself around in a classy style boosts up your self-esteem. It is not mandatory to always be dressed up to do so. Even wearing a cool shirt, styled in a manner that reflects your personality, will go a long way.

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