How to Take Good Care of Our Elders


The legal definition of an elder is an individual who is rather old and past middle age. Usually, that’s between sixty to sixty-five years of age. With old age comes a weak immune system and little strength. It’s for this reason that older people deserve some tender care and protection at all costs. So, how can you look after the lovely older people? Here are some of the ways you can consider. 

1. Motivate them to exercise

As you age your body muscles tend to shrink. However, this doesn’t mean that you can work things out to see your skin and muscles tighten. Keeping fit is vital, especially in the modern world where cases of weight-related complications are on the rise. As the one looking after your elders, it would help much if you encourage them to work out. Don’t let them relax too much.

Age makes older people grow physically frail, which leads to poor bodily abilities. While you may not be able to enroll them in a gym, ensure that they can be physically active, as this would help them be healthier and more energetic. It doesn’t have to be a challenging form of exercise. You can simply start with the simple kinds of exercises, such as walking or dancing while at home. Although they may find these exercises a bother, they will enjoy the results that come after some time. 

2. Keep tabs with them 

If your old parents or grandparents live by themselves, it’s recommended that you find ways to keep track of them from time to time. A mobile phone, for example, would do the trick if they are technologically shrewd. A call a few hours a day would keep you updated about their wellbeing. You could also make use of motion sensors to keep track of their movements.

3. Install safety features in their homes.

If your loved ones live with you or live independently, safety is a measure that should come among the first considerations. You can help them by making their homes safer and more accessible. As said earlier, with old age comes a little workforce to handle the usual tasks or even walk. It’s for such reasons that you ought to modify their house, as explained at The modifications should help the elderly individual move around the house with fewer struggles or require any particular kind of assistance. For example, installation of rails in their bathrooms, shower seats, elevated toilet seats, improving lighting in dark areas, among others clearly stated. 

4. Hire help to run errands for them 

As you age, it becomes challenging for you to manage your day-to-day tasks, like cooking, cleaning, driving, and grocery shopping. As the one responsible for the older individual in your life, it could also be difficult for you to avail yourself to assist based on the busy modern lifestyles. Therefore, you could hire a professional caregiver or go to agencies that take care of the old to play the role. When hiring, make sure you carry out some proper research on the caregiver. This will enable you to get excellent service and also reduce the risk of elderly abuse. 

5. Financial assistance

Often, there are a lot of expenses and financial difficulties associated with aging. From dealing with medical bills to covering the costs of their essential needs. If your elderly relative is retired, they may need additional financial support to cover their expenses. Talk to them about what financial resources they have (such as pensions and retirement savings) and develop a plan to help them out if necessary.

Good Care of Our Elders

6. Access to better healthcare

Old people deal with several age-related illnesses and health conditions. To help the older person in your life possible care, carry out some research to ensure they visit medical institutions where they can get the best attention and assistance. Also, familiarize yourself with the specific issues they are dealing with. Keep an eye on any new or worsening symptoms and make sure they seek medical attention if you notice any changes in their condition

7. Visit them occasionally

It doesn’t matter whether you live far away or near your seniors, you must ensure that you visit them as often as you can manage. When visiting, buy them extra necessities, such as foodstuffs, medicines, among others. A few words of love and encouragement from you, coupled with a little time spent together could lift their moods and spirits. 

 It is clear that during old age, we are prone to challenges that lead to misconceptions about our abilities. Old age makes one grow physically frail, hence getting dependent on caregivers. As explained in this article, there are many ways you can care for your seniors. By doing these acts, you will also be showing some love to these important people in your life.

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