How to Tell if Your Golf Clubs Are Too Long


One of the factors that determine your success at golf is the length of a golf club. Because of the number of golf clubs available, it is easy to pick ones that are too short or long.

That said, read on to learn about what the ideal golf club length is and how to determine if your golf clubs from your driver to your center shafted putter are too long or too short. 

What is the Ideal Golf Club Length?

If you are an individual just starting golf, the best thing you can do to determine an ideal golf club is to go to a professional.

These professionals fully understand that a golf club’s length is measured from the grip cap to the ground. Thus, when they want to measure, they place the club in a putting position.

On average, golf clubs range from 45.5-48 inches, depending on the make and purpose. 

Methods of Measuring a Golf Club

There are two significant ways you as a golfer can measure your golf club to determine how long it is.

  • First, you can measure using the static method. This method involves either measuring the golf club from the ground to your wrist or your fingertips. Although it is an easier way to measure, it is also less reliable.
  • You can also measure using the dynamic method. More seasoned golfers prefer this method due to its reliability. It involves taking measurements of a golf club as it is swung using a specific type of device. A launch monitor is what experts will use to determine appropriate size and shaft for the golfer’s playing style. 

 Are your Golf Clubs Too Long?

There are five significant ways to determine if your golf clubs are too long, and they are:

  • You’re always standing upright. If your golf club is too long, it won’t allow you to go into a putting position. Instead, you would need to stand almost upright when playing. Ultimately, this will affect your swing and accuracy.
  • The shaft of the club isn’t strong. When you’re in a position to play golf, the shaft is traditionally meant to be the most vital part of the golf club. If the shaft feels weak when you try to swing the golf club, it is likely too long.
  • You can’t perform all your techniques. One of the keys to attaining success while playing golf is the golf club. If the golf club is too long or too short, it tends to mess up all your unique techniques and skills, jeopardizing your chances of success. 
  • The bottom of the golf club touches the ball. In a typical golf game, the ball is meant to touch the golf club’s sides on every swing. If your golf club is too long, it tends to touch the ball with its bottom continually.

The Final Round

Golf is a fantastic game to play, but it can be quite challenging to play under abnormal conditions and using irregular equipment. These tips mentioned above will help you detect if a golf club is too long, allowing you to select the most appropriate golf club. Take a break from serious golf for a minute and giggle at these golf jokes and stories – (Be sure and bookmark this page, so you can get back here!)

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