How To Tell If You’re A Minimalist Or A Maximalist


Our home reflects our inner selves and our life, so it can also tell us if one is a maximalist or a minimalist. These are two extremes, with a maximalist having a large variety of things while a minimalist seeks to cut down on material objects. Here are some ways in which you can work out what kind of mindset governs your life:

Signs of Minimalism

You might be a minimalist if you prefer open, empty room and natural colors for your walls. Perhaps, your walls are also empty of anything but paint or wallpaper. Or one of your walls displays a single frame that has something meaningful. You do anything to get rid of clutter. This may even include throwing out or donating sentimental items if they don’t serve a purpose of sorts.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you don’t have stuff. You just love storing them away, out of sight but within reach. If you do buy anything new, something old has to go out the window (not literally, at least not all the time).

Basically, if your focus is on having a mostly empty home, you’re probably a minimalist. You focus on what’s good, useful, practical, or something that gives you a specific joy. You’re comfortable in your own surroundings, but they might not be for everyone.

Signs of a Maximalist

A maximalist usually lives in the opposite style of a minimalist. Don’t get them wrong; they’re not hoarders or slovenly people. While their homes might not be full of stuff, they will be visually busy. For the décor, maximalists are likely to have bold colors, loud patterns, and several creative projects going on.

If you have rooms filled with interesting and varied objects, a house that tells a history along with providing shelter, and a diverse range of items, you’re probably a maximalist. In a nutshell, your comfort is your lifestyle, and you get what it takes to achieve that goal. You go for the convenience and practicality of having everything on hand while enjoying a colorful, lively display. Matching is great, but contrasting design and colors interspersed with plants is also an acceptable home décor trend for you.

Having Both

There’s no reason why you can’t be a mixture of minimalism and maximalism. In fact, most people are just that. Even if you’d prefer to have a completely sanitary and empty environment, having kids, pets, or just a busy life will make that nearly impossible.

You may also keep your home office in a minimalist fashion, leaving the other rooms to showcase your maximalist side. You can buy distinctive solid wood kitchen cabinets online, keeping them organized while also stuffed with food their kids like.

There’s also a way to go extreme here, even with a mixture of personalities and preferences! You can split the rooms into half. Each of these halves will represent a certain style. For the layman in interior designing, though, a healthy and logical mix of both styles is to stay practical yet comfortable. This, we feel, is by far the best way to gain benefits from each side.

So, Are You A Minimalist Or a Maximalist?

Each one of us has a different personality, but we know that our habits and lifestyles also overlap with our fellow human beings. This is why many of us can divide ourselves into certain categories. The way we live, our organization, and our general environment are just a few ways in which we showcase our personalities. When you understand whether you’re a maximalist or a minimalist, you can decide on what makes you more comfortable.

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