How to Update Your Wardrobe without Wasting Your Money

Looking your best is important, no matter the price tag. Right? Wrong! This could get you into financial hot water for no reason, especially when there’s a way to fill your closet without spending all your cash.

What Happens if You Keep Spending Beyond Your Limits?

With your eyes on a pair of Salvatore Ferragamo slingbacks, you’re prepared to drop anything to get them — even if that means you’re broke until payday.

This might work for an average week as long as you’re careful with your money. But what about those times when everything goes wrong, and you’re facing unexpected expenses you didn’t count on? How will you take your car into the shop or pay for new medication if payday is still weeks away?

You could ask a friend or family member for help, but this could be risky considering how often personal loans between loved ones go wrong. If you’re worried money could complicate the good thing you have with family or friends, going to a third party for help might be a better idea.

A licensed online financial institution like MoneyKey doesn’t come with personal baggage like your family, and they provide legitimate online loans with clear boundaries and expectations. An online loan is a convenient borrowing option with a contract that might be easier to understand and follow than a verbal agreement between relatives.

How to Avoid Borrowing in the First Place

No matter how convenient online loans might be in an unexpected emergency, having the cash to cover your own expenses will always be the better option. So how can you keep from spending too much on your next ‘fit? Follow these tips for an affordable way to stay stylish.

Shop Second-hand

You can avoid the big price tag attached to new, never-been-worn clothes without sacrificing brand names simply by changing the way you shop. Instead of going to the mall, hit up garage sales, visit used clothing stores and consignment shops, and download second-hand clothing apps.

Organize a Clothing Swap

Do you have some clothes hanging in your closet collecting dust? Trade these pieces at a clothing swap. You’ll be able to unload clothes you don’t wear anymore and replace them with new pieces from other attendees for free. You can swap with friends or cross-post your event online to increase your haul.

Leverage Necessary Purchases to Get Free Clothes

If you’re going to be spending money anyway, you might as well make sure your purchase earns you points. Take advantage of any free credit cards you might have with cashback rewards and download browser extensions to earn money on each online purchase. The money you earn here can go toward your next must-have item.

Learn How to Care for Your Clothes

While some pieces are safe to wash on a warm cycle or tumble dry, most clothes have special washing and drying instructions. Following their directions carefully can extend the lifespan of your wardrobe and save you some money replacing costly pieces.

But just in case your clothes get damaged, you’ll want to learn some basic tailoring skills. After enough practice, you’ll know how to sew, repair, or make alterations to damaged pieces and prolong their time in your closet.

Bottom Line: Fashion is Possible on a Budget

You don’t have to sacrifice your financial security to stay fashionable. Follow these tips to keep filling your closet without wasting your money.