How to Upgrade Your Bathroom


Many people believe that they must spend a fortune to give their bathroom a much-needed upgrade, but that isn’t always the case. If your bathroom hasn’t been renovated for some years, now may be the best time for a complete makeover! There are, however, a couple of minor changes you can make that could make all the difference.

Most people completely overlook the idea of renovating their bathroom because, quite simply, it is a room they spend the least amount of time in, in comparison to the kitchen, bedrooms, or living room, for example. However, upgrading your bathroom can be easy.

If you are planning on giving your bathroom an upgrade, the pointers below should steer you in the right direction.

Hire a professional company

If your bathroom is looking a little worse for wear, it may be best that you completely gutted the contents and start fresh. When the plumbing starts to fail, tiles crack and fittings are outdated, it is a sign you need to call in a professional for a complete re-design and re-fit. Although this may seem like a steep investment initially, it will save you having to pay out for multiple repairs in the near future and could potentially increase the value of your home. If you require some guidance on a bathroom renovation, you should speak to an expert bathroom installation Letchworth specialist to get the project off to a start.


You may be surprised at how good lighting can make a real difference within your bathroom’s aesthetic. It would be ideal to fit bright lights overhead to carry out specific tasks such as applying make-up or for medical purposes. However, vivid lighting can be balanced by muted lighting to create a more relaxing atmosphere while taking a bath or shower. The good news is that this part of the renovation is very low-cost but can instantly give your bathroom that hotel-style ambiance.

New shower curtains

One of the most basic strategies of upgrading your bathroom is to change your shower curtain. It is often a key aesthetical feature within the room due to eye-catching colors and patterns within the design. However, over time, they can start to give off odors and even grow mold, so it would be wise to change your shower curtain regularly to ensure your bathroom remains fresh and hygienic. Similarly, bathroom rugs can also become soggy and smelly. If they’re not cleaned regularly, bacteria may grow, which can, in turn, affect your health.

Pack away clutter

Although your bathroom may be on the small side, you can instantly give the illusion of a more expansive and luxurious space by getting rid of unnecessary clutter in view. Ask yourself if you need so many bottles on work surfaces. If not, either bin them or store them out of sight. If you lack storage for your belongings, consider different methods of how to cleverly utilize the space with clever storage options, such as a cabinet, hanging basket, or shelving.

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