How to Use a Big Room Mirror to Create the Illusion of Space


Living in a tiny apartment, dreaming of open floorplans and room to move?

You might not be able to knock down walls, but you can give the illusion of more space. The key? Invest in a big room mirror!

This one addition can transform any space from stuffy to airy instantly, and it’s all due to the way the light reflects off the glass. Today, we’re sharing how to use your new mirror to your advantage, turning heads and wowing guests every time.

Ready to learn more? Let’s dive in!

1. Place One Adjacent to Your Window

It’s no secret that brighter rooms look bigger than dark, dimly lit ones. The only issue? You just moved and your new living room is painted dark blue. 

Don’t fear! You can easily add more light to your space with an oversized mirror. Place it adjacent to your window, so the sun’s rays can reflect against it and bounce beautifully across your room. Voila! Instant makeover.

2. Group a Set Together

Don’t have the budget for a massive, ornate mirror? That’s OK! Instead, buy three to five smaller mirrors and group them together in the same spot on your wall. You can find plenty of mirrors at secondhand shops or thrift stores for pennies on the dollar.

The best part? They don’t have to match! In fact, the more eclectic the collection, the better. Don’t be afraid to pair simple white frames with fancy metal ones or colorful wooden tones with chippy antique versions.

3. Dress Up Your Cooktop

Hear us out on this one: Put a big mirror behind your stove.

Yes, it will get dirty. But, that area is made to wipe up easily. Besides, you’ll have the same issue with tile, not to mention all the grout that you have to contend with. In most homes, the area behind the cooktop tends to be darker than others. That’s what makes it a great spot to reflect some light and add some pizazz!

A mirror will reflect any available light all around your room, adding warmth and personality to your kitchen. This will invite others to gather around your table, and as a bonus, you’ll be able to see your food prep area even better!

Another similar option is to use mirrored tiles as your actual backsplash. This can make any under-cabinet lighting pop or could allow you to eschew such electrical work in favor of the illumination that natural light provides.

4. Change Out Your Cabinets

Looking for another way to make your kitchen feel even lighter? You can glue mirrored tiles to your cabinet fronts for an instant switch-up that you’ll adore for years. Whether you decorate just the top of the cabinets or the entire thing is up to you!

This is also a great way to bring light into your master bathroom or guest bathroom. It can even work in the office if your oversized desk is making the room feel too small.

While you’re at it, why stop with cabinets and desk fronts? You can add mirrored tiles to a variety of flat surfaces, from antique trunks to bedroom dressers. You’ll need a glass cutter to get the tiles to fit the exact shape you need, so ask a professional to help or learn the steps yourself!

5. Lay It Flat Against the Wall

Those skinny full-length mirrors are convenient additions to the back of closet doors, but why hide them in there?

Instead of propping them upright, you can lie them on their sides against the length of a feature wall. This adds depth to any room but looks especially chic in a foyer or living room. You can also use this trick if you have a mirror that’s too tall to fit your ceiling height.

Play around with the dimensions you have and don’t feel pigeonholed into simply hanging the mirror on the wall. Often, you can make more of a statement if you’re willing to think outside the box and experiment with interior design norms. Check out these mirror placement ideas for more inspiration!

6. Put It Behind the Dining Room Table

In many homes, dining rooms are extensions of the kitchen that aren’t always full of windows and natural light. Thus, they can feel cramped, especially if you have an heirloom table that takes up a majority of the square footage. 

Here, try hanging a long, horizontal mirror directly on the wall, behind one side of the seating. If you have a pendant light hanging above, this placement will reflect the light beautifully.

7. Layer, Layer, Layer

It might feel like you’re breaking all kinds of decorating rules, but consider the statement you’ll make when you layer your mirrors on top of one another!

To get this look, dedicate an entire wall to large-scale, framed mirrors. Then, go back and hang smaller ones on top or close by for a playful touch that makes the setup even more effective at capturing and reflecting nearby light.

8. Create a Faux Window

Wish you lived in a home full of gigantic, energy-efficient windows, where the sun could illuminate your interior at all times of the day? It might sound like a dream, but you could pretend it’s your reality with the help of a few mirrors!

Take a large mirror and add white window grids to make it look like a window, hanging it near your real windows to enhance the effect. Or, you can tile out smaller square-shaped mirrors to achieve the same look. Either way, you’ll add light and the illusion of space without having to knock a hole in your existing wall!

One Big Room Mirror, Infinite Possibilities

Is your home feeling a little dark? You don’t have to call a contractor to reconfigure your layout.

Rather, you just need a big room mirror! Once you have yours, you’ll be amazed at how many different ways you can use it. Feel free to switch it up with the seasons or as inspiration strikes and you’ll never get bored with your space.

Looking for more ways to love the life you live and the home you’re in? We’ve got them all on our lifestyle blog. While we’re talking interior spaces, check out this guide on how to buy a condo you love!

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