How to use a Chiminea

When the temperature of the room drops, there are many devices to produce heat. A classic and very popular way is the vertical and cast iron fireplace. In this case, excellent room temperature can be obtained very easily.

 On the other hand, for some users, it is not so easy to use one of these devices. Although for many people it can be a complicated procedure, here we will mention the easiest way to use a fireplace. 

 So in a few steps, you will have a warm and comfortable atmosphere for several hours. In turn, the heat from a fireplace can remain in the room for more than 12 hours.

 Carrying out the installation

 First, you should consider the best environment or space to mount your fireplace. Among the best places is the patio, as it is an outdoor place and a flat surface. Since it is an implement with considerable weight, you should choose a fixed location.

 Therefore, it is a difficult object to move. It could crack or suffer other damage if it falls during transportation. In turn, you can locate the chiminea in a space where the temperature is used to its fullest.

 However, it is important to consider that there are no objects that can melt or that are flammable. We do not want to cause a fire in the first place. On the other hand, it is necessary to leave the fireplace on for approximately 2 hours to achieve the ideal environment.

 Although it is a procedure that takes some time, remember that the warm temperature can be maintained for several hours throughout the day. So it won’t be a waste of energy at all.

 Preparing the artifact

 As a first step, you should check the inside of the fireplace chamber. It is quite common to find old debris from previous use. This way, your chiminea will have less debris after the next operation.

 It is also important to have about 4 inches of gravel or sand. This ingredient can help the smoke come out more efficiently during operation. Therefore, only one of these ingredients should be introduced into the chiminea chamber.

 It is recommended that the chiminea lid be removed during this procedure. In this way, each of the steps carried out will be easier. Otherwise, the air will not be able to reach the fire. The lighting could, therefore, be impaired before or during the lighting of the fire.

 Therefore, you can fix the grate inside the fireplace during the lighting. So, once these steps have been taken, you are ready to light the lighting. As an additional point, it is important to have a large amount of wood before these steps. In this way, you will be able to light your fireplace again in the next few days.

Preparing the artifact

 Lighting the fireplace

 You can use birch bark or newspaper to effectively light the fireplace. You only need to place them in the center of the chamber, as well as in several places. You can also place the firewood in a pyramid shape so that the game grows quickly.

 On the other hand, you can also use natural lighters that also offer a good level of effectiveness. It is not recommended to use pizza boxes or cereal boxes. In this case, this type of cardboard has other chemicals that can be harmful to everyone.

 It is important to add wood as it grows but in a controlled way. You don’t want to add too much wood and end up choking the fire. So, ideally, you should add small logs as the game grows.

 The fireplace should be kept warm

 One of the key steps you can take is to leave the fire burning for an hour. The goal of this step is to allow coals to form inside the fireplace. Eventually, you can add some small logs to increase the fire and the temperature inside.

 To get a considerable temperature, you will have to allow air to flow around and into the chamber. In this way, the embers will be able to provide the highest level of temperature they can offer. This in turn can prolong the warm temperature of the fireplace by several hours.

 Finally, once the chiminea is cold, remember to clean all the ashes from inside the chamber. The sooner you do this, the sooner your fireplace will be ready for use in the upcoming cold temperatures.


 Is the fireplace cover necessary?

 When the fire is lit, it should not cover the neck of the chiminea. So it’s the main place for the fireplace to work. Therefore, placing a cover on the chiminea neck could be a serious drawback.

 Is a chiminea or a fire pit better?

 Generally speaking, today’s fireplaces can provide a set of excellent features. So you can count on pleasant room temperature, easy use, and maintenance.

 Can you use cardboard in a fireplace?

 Using cardboard to light a fire in a fireplace can be useful. We do not recommend using cardboard from cereal boxes or pizza boxes as they contain other chemicals. Besides, the main thing is to use wood to light a fire.

 Final Words

Having a fireplace is an effective solution in times of low temperatures. Also, this information will allow you to obtain a simple operation and maintenance. With which you will be able to create a pleasant and pleasant atmosphere in your home.