How To Use A Paint Sprayer To Restore Old Furniture

Nowadays, people prefer a paint sprayer to brushes when it comes to paint spray furniture. Sprayers can help people save time and effort on restoring old furniture. Moreover, even such uneven surfaces as carvings are all easy to handle by a paint sprayer.

However, first-time users may find it quite challenging to get used to using this paint. This article will show you the way to restore old furniture with paint sprayer. Scroll down to read it.

Using a paint sprayer on furniture. Source

What is a paint sprayer?

A paint sprayer is a modern hand-held tool, which is an alternative to the previous manual painting. It not only saves time but also enhances the aesthetic beauty of the interior space. The area becomes more smooth and polished by quality paints.

Unlike a brush, a paint sprayer uses compressed gas which is typically air to atomize the paint particles. The spray pattern produced is quite large, so it is suitable for painting large surfaces. In addition, people also use the paint sprayer to handle some detailed works. If you want to buy high-quality paint spraying equipment, we recommend you visit the given link.

Advantages of using a paint sprayer to restore furniture

When it comes to restoring the old furniture, a paint sprayer is considered as the best solution. The paint sprayer can make the work of painting perfect compared to any brush or roller. It can apply a smooth coating to all surfaces, including chairs or wicker furniture. For this reason, you will minimize the waste caused by dripping paint. Also, thanks to the oil-base of most spray paint, you can get a more durable finish.

In addition, using a paint sprayer for furniture can minimize the working time. As the sprayer operates on an automatic mechanism, you pull the trigger, and the paint will flow continuously and smoothly on furniture.  Plus, the utility of a paint sprayer will help you get the best result.

Last but not least, a paint sprayer is portable and convenient. You can carry the sprayer and perform the task quickly wherever you want, even in high places.

At the same time, there is no need to hire a professional painter as you can do it yourself using a paint sprayer. Also, it is not too hard to learn how to use it, so you will be acquainted with using this tool quickly.

How to use a paint sprayer

Tools and materials

  • Paint sprayer
  • Finishing sander
  • Sanding sponge
  • Primer
  • Paintbrush
  • Wire brush
  • Canvas tarp
  • Wood filter
  • Safety gear including earplugs, safety eyewear, and a filter mask respirator

Step 1

First, you should wash the furniture you are going to restore. Use water and soap if necessary. Then, remove all the flaking, chipping, and peeling paint with a wire brush.

Step 2

Handle all the chipped and peeling surfaces. In this case, you can use an electric sander along with 100 grit sandpaper. This process will make the rough and chipped surfaces become smooth. As a result, painting does really work and stick on the surface quickly.

Step 3

In the damaged areas, you can use the wood filler if necessary.

Step 4

Use a brush to apply primer to all areas that have shown bare wood. Make sure to allow the furniture to dry before starting painting. Then, use the fine grit sanding block to go over all the areas which have been primed in order to smooth the primer texture.

Step 5

Set up the paint sprayer. There are two options of paint including semi-gloss and gloss latex for you to choose from. The outdoor and indoor furniture need different spray paint. Then, let’s pick the color and texture you like. Make sure to prepare enough paint for the whole furniture.

Step 6

For some parts of the furniture that you do not want to paint, cover them by using newspaper and painters tape. Especially, you should place the furniture in the well-aired area so that the ground in your house will not be painted.

Then, let’s unscrew the paint compartment and pour it in the paint you have chosen. You had better mix it with a small amount of water. If you do not know the proper ratio, let’s follow the directions on the back of the paint can. You should screw the paint compartment back onto the sprayer before starting the process of painting the furniture.

Step 7

Shake and move the can continuously before spraying as well as when you are spraying to ensure a smooth finish. Let the paint dry for about 1 hour before applying the second coat.

Learning how to use a paint sprayer for the first time is not difficult. However, it takes a bit of practice to spray the smooth cover of paint on pieces of furniture. You had better practice on a sheet of scrap plywood at first. It is recommended to practice with water first. In order to avoid dripping, you have to be patient enough to get a professional-looking result later.

Final words

If you want to restore the furniture at home, do not miss a paint sprayer. There is no exaggeration to say that a paint sprayer is a great invention that helps people a lot. To be more specific, they can save a great deal of money, time as well as effort in painting. What is more, the result they offer is beyond all expectations.

Simultaneously, the way to use a paint sprayer is quite simple. You just have to be patient and practice frequently.

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