How to Use a Paintball Gun-(Step By Step Guide)


According to our survey, we have found that most of the newbies are still believe that they can use paintball markers like a real firearm which is not true at all.

The phenomenon of using paintball guns differs from a real firearm because we have to add additional parts like a hopper, compressed air tank, and different ammunition as well.

So, today we have decided to provide you a step-by-step guide to use your marker properly without disconnecting the hopper and tank.

How to Use a Paintball Gun-(Step By Step Guide)

Attach Batteries, Barrels, Sights, etc.

Since we store markers in disassembled condition for safety purposes, we need to install batteries, attach barrels and sights properly before start shooting.

Electronic markers needs AAA or AA 9-volts batteries to work properly, however, mechanical markers are ready to go you don’t need to attach batteries.

Attach Co2 or HPA Tank

Every marker needs compressed gas like CO2 or HPA to shoot faster, our second step is to attach a compared air tank into the bottom mount ASA (Air source Adopter). Just you need to put the mouth of the tank into the ASA and make few turns to attach properly.

Attach Hopper or Magazine

Attach the hopper or magazine to load paintballs, attaching both loader and magazine is simple, you will find a feed neck on the top to fix the loader, however, you will also found a compartment on the bottom to attach the magazine in mag fed paintball markers.

Once you have attached either of the things, now your task is to load paintballs. You will get a wide mouth on the hopper with sufficient area to hold 150-200 paintballs; however, in magazines, you will found a small mouth with the least capacity to hold paintballs.

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Activate Your Marker

Since the mechanical marker comes with a cocking knob and safety button, you need to pull the cocking knob and press the safety button to activate the shooting mechanism.

You will find cocking knob on the frame of the marker however safety button is mostly situated on the top of the trigger.

Moreover, most of the electronic markers come with a button on the grip or top to activate the shooting mechanism.

Hold The Marker Like a Pro

Holding the marker properly is the only factor to aim and shoot properly, we are going to discuss two proven techniques to hold your marker properly.

1. Press tanks against your shoulder

  • 1st step is to hold the main grip of the marker with your dominating hand and put your finger on the trigger.
  • 2nd step is to hold your the foregrip  with non-dominating hand.
  • 3rd step is to press the compressed air tank against the shoulder

Know you are ready to Aim

2. Put compressed air tank on the shoulder

  • 1st step is to hold the front grip with your dominating hand and put your finger on the trigger
  • 2nd step is to hold the foregrip of the marker with your weak non-dominating hand.
  • 3rd step is to put the compressed air tank on the shoulder.

Know you are ready to aim

Some wrong way to hold your marker

  • Shooting from the hip is the most unprofessional and inaccurate way to shoot the marker.
  • Holding marker far away from your eyes is also an inappropriate way.

Aim The Target

Aiming the targets in paintball is a bit tricky; since we can’t aim like a real firearm because of a big loader and compressed air tank.

Here are some pro tips to aim properly

  • Both eyes must be open; this is not a real firearm gun you have to get a better field view as much as you can.
  • Point the barrel towards the target, Aim the target on the top/side of the barrel or you can use modern sights to get better results.

Cautions: Keep your face at least 1 inch above the bolt of the marker because bolt popups rapidly you may get a nose hit if you don’t have a mask.

  • Different markers come with different fed neck positions, you may found offset feed neck, and top feed neck. You need to aim accordingly, offset feed neck will disrupt your aim from one of the sides but you can aim from the top.
  • Paintballs do not fly like bullets, they flew in trajectory motion, and you have to judge where your shoot will be land.

Press The Trigger

After pointing the barrel toward the target your task is to press the trigger gently to shoot paintballs.

Adjust Anything From Firing Rate to Velocity

The standard velocity of a paintball gun is 280-300 fps on the field, so you cannot operate your marker above 300 FPS since it could severely injure your opponent. You need to adjust the velocity of the marker if it is too fast or slow to perform well in the field.

You will find a velocity regulator on the back or bottom of the grip; make

sure to adjust it with the help of the Allen key.

Check Out Again If You Found Any Issue

In most of the cases, I didn’t face any problem because I have maintained my marker properly but some of my colleges have faced annoying problems like trigger jamming, leaking paints, excessive breaking of paintballs, low accuracy and velocity, etc.

Here are some tips to tackle or mitigate the most common problems

If your trigger is jammed during the match make sure to check out the safety button and cocking knob.

Make sure to maintain the marker periodically, oiling, removing paint, and cleaning the components will improve the health, velocity, and accuracy of your marker.

Over to You

Hopefully, you will know how to use a paintball gun correctly; we have tried our best to provide you a concise and straightforward guide, you just need to follow those steps to shoot like a pro.

The truth is, you’ll struggle at first but, with practice, you’ll be able to do it like a pro.

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