How to use an electric skateboard


The buzz about electric skateboards is here to stay, especially among young people who are always looking for a new hobby. As it’s a great way to spend time outdoors, the electric skateboard is suitable for any type of person with any level of experience. It is easy to learn, and you can pick up the basics in less than 15 minutes. Anyone who is already used to skateboarding or any board sport such as surfing or snowboarding will find it easier to use this equipment.

If you don’t fully understand how the equipment works or feel confident when riding it, this article is for you!

What is an electric skateboard?

What is an electric skateboard

The electric skateboard is like a common skateboard, with the difference being the motor system at its deck that moves the equipment. Everything is controlled by a remote connected to the board via Bluetooth for instant trigger response. The remote allows riders of any level to safely enjoy the board and have the ability to adjust their riding mode and maximize efficiency.

What are the advantages of an electric skateboard?

The electric skateboard is equipment that provides fun for the whole family. It’s a great product for anyone looking to enjoy the day with their kids and friends. It can also be used for commuting, as it’s the perfect last mile vehicle. If you consider it as an alternative to car or public transport, you will avoid the fatigue of spending hours stuck in traffic and get there faster. Also, it is a great alternative for mental health as it can be a tool to take you to another place and help you deal with anxiety or depression, for example.

Among the main advantages of riding an electric skateboard:

  • You will be able to explore new places and spend quality time outdoors;
  • There are many group rides organized all over the world, and joining one of them is a great way to make friends;
  • It’s a fun alternative when the surf is flat, or there’s no snow on the mountains;
  • It’s the perfect unwind tool – it’s like meditation but much more fun!
  • It can be used for commuting.

Who can use the electric skateboard?

Who can use the electric skateboard

Is electric skateboarding a teenager thing? No, quite the opposite. The electric skateboard is equipment that can and should be used by any type of person. In general, it attracts more teenagers and young people who already identify with the other type of skateboard, but nothing prevents other people from using it.

Adults enjoy the equipment in their free time or as an alternative to a car. Electric skateboards are easy to store, and some of the models are quite compact and light so, you can go out with the board and return by public transport, for example.

How to ride an electric skateboard in 3 quick steps:

  • Body position

There isn’t one stance perfect for all situations, but a good starting point is to make sure your legs are wide apart, and your knees slightly bent. You need to get familiar with your weight distribution. Shifting forward and backward compensates for acceleration and braking, and of course, side to side is how you turn.

  • Practice accelerating and breaking

The big tip here is really to understand your board and its setup.  Get to know where the traction points are and how it corners. It will make your riding experience a lot better. Here is the drill: accelerate and brake, accelerate and brake just so you understand the acceleration point and breaking point to the board to make the riding experience a bit easier.

Riding up hills, being smooth and consistent on the accelerator is key. If you’re inconsistent and you’ve to pump that trigger, you’re likely to fall off.

  • Ride it in open spaces

The general rule is not to ride any faster than you can run when it comes to speed. Suppose someone isn’t paying attention because they are listening to headphones and walk right out in front of you. You’ll need to hit the brakes fairly suddenly, and you want to be able to run off the board and avoid a collision. Remember: it’s really tempting to push these things to the limit, but be aware of your surroundings and ride within your limits.

  • EXTRA TIP: Safety

Safety is a big question of concern, and the best tip is always to wear a helmet. There are different rules in different parts of the world regarding whether you have to wear a helmet. However, at the end of the day, it just makes complete sense to protect your head.

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