How to use PayPal?

PayPal is a service where you can transfer money online quickly and easily, and setting up a PayPal account ensures instant transactions.

PayPal is available and used by over 100 million users worldwide, and one of its biggest advantages is the security it offers.

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This service benefits from secure encryption, which makes transactions made through it free from unpleasant situations.

How to use PayPal?

As mentioned above, PayPal is an online service for money transfers. Although the list of transactions you can do with PayPal is much longer, here are the most commonly used transactions:

Online payments – for purchases or any other transactions to merchants that accept this type of online payment

Money transfers – PayPal gives you the option to send money from your PayPal account to your personal account, to another person’s bank account or to another PayPal account

Receiving money – you can receive money through PayPal if you are a merchant and someone makes a payment to you, if someone transfers money to your bank account or if someone transfers money to your PayPal account

Advantages of PayPal

The first and most important advantage of the PayPal service is the simplicity with which you can carry out online transactions. Your PayPal account requires a few general details to log in, such as first name, last name, email address and card details. These remain saved, so you won’t need to enter them the next time you make a transaction.

Another important advantage of PayPal is that it charges low fees. Creating a PayPal account is free, as is the cost of maintaining it. Online payments via PayPal are also free of charge, with only a small fee paid by the person who collects the money.

Data security is the third major advantage of PayPal. Your identification data never reaches the merchant to whom online payments are made, making PayPal an ideal method for online purchases made even on untrustworthy sites.

Are there any costs of the PayPal service?

Yes, the PayPal service charges for some of its transactions. When you transfer money from your PayPal account to your bank account you will pay a fee of 3.4%+0.35 EUR. Also, when you receive money into your PayPal account you will incur a fee of 1.9%-3.4%+0.35 EUR.

You can also withdraw money from your PayPal account, but here the fee is even more substantial: EUR 2.

Types of PayPal accounts

There are three types of accounts offered by the PayPal service, and each is aimed at a different type of user:

PayPal Personal Account – this type of PayPal account only allows you to make online transactions and receive money exclusively from another PayPal account

PayPal Premier Account – this type of PayPal account allows you to receive money from another PayPal account or from a bank account or card. This type of account also has advantages for people who have online shops through the Shopping Cart option

PayPal Business – this PayPal account offers the same options as the Premier version, but comes with the added option to register as a business and give more users access to the account