How to Use Soapstone for Kitchen Renovations


Whether you’re renovating a whole kitchen or just the minor areas, using soapstone can offer you plenty of advantages. It is a naturally occurring material made from steatite stone and very easy to install.

It will not only add an elegant and sophisticated feel to your home, same as granite or slate, but also reduce your carbon footprint. Soapstone is also super safe for your kitchen. Moreover, once you install soapstone, your home value will increase over time.

Soapstone Uses in Kitchens

During your kitchen renovation, you can consider the following uses of soapstone. They are as listed below:

 1. Countertops

If you frequently find yourself putting hot materials on your countertops, Caesarstone soapstone countertops are a perfect option for your space. This is because these countertops are heat-resistant. Therefore, the homeowners do not need to be concerned about damage or discolourations caused by heat. In addition, these countertops can fit in the kitchen of any style – electric to modern.

Soapstone countertops are also much more durable than other natural stone countertops. These countertops are eco-friendly because the extraction process does not damage the earth, and maintenance does not use any chemicals.

Most soapstone countertops have gentle veins; few have shades of blue, green or Perl. The high-quality countertop material will provide you with more than twenty years of hardworking performance. The main care that soapstone needs is regular oiling because this helps it generate natural patina as years pass and keeps looking at its best.

2. Sink

The kitchen sink is one of those areas that see heavy traffic when it comes to bacteria. Using soapstone for the sink protects you and your family. This material is also resistant to acid, water, and chemicals. This makes it an ideal option for kitchen sinks.

Soapstone sinks are also easily customizable as per your requirements. It means you do not need to worry about these hot appliances damaging your sink. In addition, soapstone does not need frequent sealing just as the way granite and other stones require.

Moreover, since soapstone is non-porous, it does not stain your kitchen sink at all in case liquids spill out. Moreover, microbes and bacteria cannot hide in small spaces below the soapstone surface. Therefore, soapstone sinks will serve you for a long time.

3. Backsplash

Your backsplash is the eye-grabbing element in your kitchen. It can even make your soapstone counters look even more alluring. The impervious qualities of soapstone make it a great material for backsplash. In addition, since this heavy-duty material is enduring, there is no risk of scratches or chemical reactions.

Solid soapstone backsplash helps you create a bold and unique look for your kitchen. On the other hand, a subway tile backsplash is suitable for both modern and conventional kitchens. It offers a simple yet refined look to your kitchen. When choosing soapstone backsplash, consider the shades in the soapstone counters, flooring, and cabinetry.

4. Flooring

Soapstone tiles are great for kitchen flooring because they can help you bring a pop of color and life to any floor without breaking the bank. The surface is non-slippery when wet and does not absorb water. These tiles have a unique look because no two slabs are ever the same. They are also durable in comparison to other flooring materials.

Soapstone tiles need minimal maintenance. They are also weather-friendly and exhibit excellent heat retention. The colours in the soapstone floor tiles differ greatly depending on where this natural material comes from. You also do not need to be concerned about bacteria and germs attacking your soapstone floor.

Soapstone also feels much softer than other common materials used traditionally for flooring. So, the soapstone floor tiles will keep your feet comfortable and make your space warm, even on chilling nights. Moreover, the stone will not crack due to sudden temperature changes.

5. Fireplaces and Stoves

Did you know soapstone has been used for thousands of years to help in heating and cooking? It is heat-resistant, and its composition is also stable. As a result, it makes soapstone the best material for masonry stoves, wood stoves, and fireplaces. Soapstone uses every means to absorb the heat of hot pans or surrounding stoves and then slowly disburse it with time.

This property makes soapstone safe to use around fires. Soapstone stoves can store more heat concerning weight compared to other natural materials. They can also withstand direct flames and last longer than those made of steel, cast iron, refractory bricks, or other materials.

On the other hand, soapstone fireplace systems are built to heat the whole home. They naturally absorb and radiate heat for up to 12 hours after the fire goes out. So, you can renovate your fireplaces and stoves with soapstone to keep your home warm all day and night while reducing heating bills.

6. Pizza Ovens

Soapstone can also be used in the oven. It is an excellent way to cook pizza or other food such as burgers, chicken, vegetables, etc. Soapstone pizza ovens provide you with uniform heat with time. As per the experts, they are also great for serving pizzas. They are also very easy to clean.

Since soapstone has no taste, the pizza oven will cook your pizza without changing its flavour at all. Moreover, using it will help you cut down your cooking time to almost half. However, soapstone pizza ovens will also give you unique browning and crisping that can’t be accomplished using other pizza ovens on the market.

Wrapping Up

Soapstone has been around with us for ages, for good reasons. It’s a heavy-duty material that looks awesome with age. Moreover, with many homeowners focusing on reducing their carbon footprint, soapstone is a great move. It is an excellent choice for upgrading any kitchen because this naturally quarried stone is durable.

Also, soapstone can be passed from one generation to the next. It provides a soft feel. Moreover, since the soapstone is impermeable, it prevents the growth of bacteria, does not need sealing, and has minimal maintenance. There are many uses of soapstone – kitchen sinks, countertops, fireplaces, and more.


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