How to Use Stone Bracelets for Meditation


People have been using gemstones for years, ever since they discovered their healing proprieties. Now you can benefit from their mysterious attributes while also staying in style by wearing elegant stone bracelets.

Besides getting all the advantages that semi-precious stones can bring to your life, they will also improve your outfit, as they are a very inspired fashion choice. If you want to make the most out of stone bracelets you should choose those from Balisarda, a jewelry store that creates timeless, attractive bracelets. Meanwhile, Balisarda combines gemstones with sterling silver, a metal known to not interfere with gemstone’s power.

There are many ways in which you can benefit from semi-precious stone bracelets. You can use them to boost your confidence, you can wear them to gain protection… or you can use them for meditating. Curious about the last part? Then you should discover which beaded bracelets you need, to make the most out of your self-awareness sessions.

Why Should You Practice Meditation?

There are countless benefits associated with meditation. As you go through this practice, you will become more self-aware, you will get in touch with yourself and your true desires. It also teaches the art of keeping still, waiting and enjoying experiences as they come.

This practice is recommended for everyone. You can do it anywhere and you can do it in your style! Do you find it hard to quiet your mind for a long time? Then take ten minutes in the morning, after you wake up, to try to still your thoughts. The results will amaze you!

How to Incorporate Stone Bracelets in Your Meditation Practice?

Thanks to the gemstones they hold, stone bracelets can help you a lot if you want to improve your meditation skills. The most recommended ones are blue, purple or white gemstones, as these colours are associated with higher chakras.

Wear the following beaded bracelets if you also need to clear your mind, listen to your inner voice and receive the Universe’s wisdom.

  • Amethyst Bracelets will help you connect to your intuition  therefore, you should get this beautiful bracelet if you are faced with decision making. Recommend for those who work in the creative industry, this gemstone helps their owner to focus and to bring projects to completion.

It is also said that the Amethyst improves your communication skills, which can benefit every relationship in your personal or work life.

  • Lapis Lazuli is a stone as old as time. It is mostly recommended for the mediation of those who practice yoga, mindfulness, and other similar activities.
  • Labradorite Bracelets should be used by those who are still looking for their life path. Meditating and wearing Labradorite bracelets will help you find your true calling!

  • Quartz Bracelets are the favourite choice of those who are into meditation. These white-stone bracelets are very flexible, as they align with their owner’s intentions. After that, they bring clarity, offer focus. Those who have tried it are very content as they became more open to receive signs from the universe and to interpret their dreams.

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