How to use waterfall incense burner

Someone could never hide a creative thing from the eye of a complimenter. To signify the inner curiosity of someone towards creative, artistic, aesthetic, and luxury things, people buy these kinds of stuff like incense burners. These burners are now the new center of attraction for people. Except for having an aesthetic look, these burners are like the cherry on the cake, Because they have many other health benefits too. Incense burners are of many types. The waterfall incense burner is the most beautiful among all the burners. The incense itself is of different shapes. In this article, I will tell you about incense and its burners.

Types of Incenses

You can differentiate the incense by its shape, By the product from which it has been made. Every incense burner has a different shape due to its manufacturing product.

How an incense is made

How an incense is made

Incense is made with organic products like wood, flowers, and ground herbs. Due to its natural quality, people are more into it. The primary purpose of burning incense is its fragrance. The other benefits of incense burners are in this article further. Firstly let’s have a look at the manufacturing method of incense.

Manufacturing of incenses

As I mentioned before, incense is made with wood, flowers, and ground herbs, And by appearance, it’s not even a bit close to any wood, flowers, or herb. Still, you can easily guess which flowers have been used in its manufacturing by fragrance.

Let’s discuss the process of its manufacturing.

Step 1

Incense originated from wood, flowers, and herbs. So the first step is collecting the herbs and flowers from which the incenses are about to be made. When the herbs are completely dried. The manufacturer turns these dry herbs into fine powders.

Step 2

The fine powder of these flowers is then mixed with some binding. By mixing nicely, the powder turned into a paste.

Step 3

This paste is then ready to turn into any shape. The manufacturer creates different shapes using the paste and then lets it dry for some time.

Step 4

When the incense is completely dried, Then the incense is ready to burn.

That was the complete process of incense manufacturing. Now let’s talk about the different shapes of incense.

Incenses shapes

Incenses shapes

Incense has different shapes. Just like incense, Incense burners also have different kinds of shapes. Firstly let’s talk about incense shapes.

  • Sticks incense
  • Spirals or coil incense
  • Cone incense

Stick And coil incense are now considered ordinary incense. Because of its creativity, cone incense is the main attraction for everyone.

Benefits of incense burning

Besides having a wonderful fragrance, Burning incense is so beneficial. Let’s take a look at the benefits of incense burning.

  • Aromatherapy is one of the known therapies. Burning incense plays a vital role in this therapy.
  • Burning incense is also a stress reliever, Due to its calming fragrance. It also reduces anxiety.
  • It also helps in constant focus. That’s why every yoga and meditation center uses these types of incense burners, To maintain their calm environment.
  • Incense burners are also very beneficial in the better sleep cycle.
  • Incense burners are also very known in religious places. It is considered positive energy. ● It also take away all the negative energies.
  • It also plays a vital role in purifying the air.

Some cones of incense burning

  • If you have a respiratory infection, stay away from these incense burners because incense smoke can harm your health.

Incense burners

Incense burners are a box, Especially made to burn this incense. The shape of these burners is made according to the shape of the incense.

Types of incense burners

There are three types of incense burners.

  • Metal incense burner
  • Wooden incense burner
  • Clay or waterfall incense burners

Metal incense burners

These incense burners are primarily in the shape of a box in which a stick and coil incense can burn quickly. Metal incense burners mostly fall in the category of luxury items.

Wooden incense burners

These burners fall in a simple and decent category. These burners are simple as well as aesthetic. These burns are the best example of wooden work as well.

Waterfall incense burners

Waterfall incense burners are made up of clay. The creation of these burners is so attractive and creative. This burner is the most beautiful, aesthetic, and amusing of all. It is my personal favorite too.

This burner is specially made to burn cone incense. When the cone is lightened with the flame and starts producing the smoke on this burner, it looks exactly like the natural waterfall from which the water is falling from a mountain, But from this burner, smoke falls from the cone. It is so amusing and soothing for the mind and sight.

How to burn waterfall incense burners

Burning incense is very easy. But in the case of the waterfall incense burner, some people complain that the downflow of the smoke is not correct, Or the proper waterfall is not created with the smoke. In this regard, some minor things should be taken care of for appropriate work.

  • The smoke of incense is so lit. If there is any breeze in the room, then the flow of smoke will break. So before burning waterfall incense, ensure there is no way from where the wind could enter the room.
  • There must be no just particles on the burner or the incense cone.


These burners are like aesthetic decoration pieces. You can use them at your home and workplace. Before buying any new incense, make sure to smell it first, As if it is suitable for you or not, because not every kind of fragrance of this incense is ideal for everyone. Some more instructions are; please take care while burning this incense. Be careful while lighting the incense.It can burn your fingers so always hold the incense with the help of a stainless steel tuzer. Keep the incense burners away from children. Place the incense burner where the flammable things, such as curtains or carpet, are not near the burner