How to Use YouTube SEO for My Video Marketing Company


When it comes to marketing, YouTube, a Google subsidiary is almost just as big as Google itself. You can actually make advertisements for products and literally every 60 seconds there are over 500 hours worth of video constantly uploaded from all over the world. So how do I develop using YouTube SEO for my video marketing company as an SEO provider? That answer is easy, and there are certain optimization tactics that you would use for the video platform itself, just like you would for regular search engine optimization in Google.

YouTube SEO Definition

With YouTube, just like your website or company, constantly having ever-changing business is crucial that will help your page rank high in search engine results. People normally search for videos on YouTube as compared to just randomly coming across them (though it does happen, just not as much as the searched videos). You must be able to upload consistent and frequent quality content, just like you would on any other social media platform to get your SEO up there. You can even use subtitles, captions, chat transcripts, and more in order to maximize your online presence for a video posted on YouTube.

Ever searched for something and saw the 10,000 videos that are all the same and look like some sort of advertisement for a product? This happens a lot, and the reason being is that a channel will upload numerous bits of content and maximize SEO with various key phrases for the same small clip. What’s important though is that people actually go to and view these videos frequently, therefore increasing traffic.

Is it Viral Material?

There are numerous bits of videos that go unnoticed on YouTube, but most importantly, we learn about videos that go viral. Why is this? Well, a video must be able to be “understood” by Google algorithm itself. Since Google can’t watch videos themselves, they have data that indexes the video views accordingly. When videos start to spike, the most common and prominent part of the video that gets shot out there to the world is the title, just like the h1 tag of a website or site title.

Adding Extra Content

When you’re performing your video, one good thing that can help your YouTube SEO even more is to have closed captions and transcripts that people can actually see when you’re doing this. Why is this? When you enable a video for closed caption, you’re also providing YouTube viewers the chance to read the content as well, so it appears as text. This doesn’t mean let Google use their own closed caption automatically. Customize it to fit your video properly. Use your videos for content, backlinks, as well as provide exceptional additional content that can keyword optimize your video results or channel as well.


Digital marketing is everywhere, even on Google. The reason why some guy has worse content than you, but still ranks higher is because they do things like optimizing their description, their tags, and even their titles of their videos with proper keyword optimization, as well as some of them who use closed caption use their own to insert their own content which is also keyword optimized.

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