How to Vet Siding Companies in Raleigh

Siding can change the look of your house. Siding can increase your home’s resale value, curb appeal, and protect it from extreme weather elements. Selecting the right siding company is the first step to upgrading or changing your siding. Choosing the right contractors goes beyond comparing prices. An inexperienced contractor can void your warranty or leave your home vulnerable to the outside elements. As such, it is vital to vet your siding company as closely as you would with any other professional. Here is how to vet siding companies in Raleigh.

  • License and Insurance. Before you hire any contractor, always ask about their insurance and licenses. A good siding company should provide you with proof of liability coverage, property damage coverage, and workers compensation insurance. These documents will protect you in case there is a work-related accident on your property. Your potential siding contractor should also produce all the licenses required to work in Raleigh. Licensing will help to ensure that your siding project is performed to the proper standards and receives all the right permits.
  • Online Reviews and Referrals. Go online and look at what previous customers are saying about the siding company. Reviews and referrals tell you a lot about the experience and quality of work you can expect to have with the company. As you go through the reviews and referrals, pay attention to what previous clients say about how well they communicate, how clean they keep the worksite, the work rate, and how the company deals with unexpected changes.
  • Experience. Ask about their experience at installing and replacing siding. Ask about the number of homes they have worked on in the past. Look whether they have worked on your specific style of a home before. You can also visit their website and check their gallery to see the type of work they do. In addition to their experience, check whether they have any specific achievements, awards, or special qualifications.
  • Cost and Payment Plan. A good siding company will provide you with an estimated cost of your project before they begin any work. Depending on the company, the projected cost may include material costs, fees for items like permits, and labor costs. You can get estimates from about three different companies before choosing who to hire. A reputable siding contractor will not ask you to pay 100% of the cost upfront. However, they can ask for a down payment. If their payment plan includes installments, get that in writing with specifics about materials and labor.
  • Warranties. Different siding companies come with different warranties. Ensure you know how long your specific type of siding can last and what types of problems the warranty covers. Also, ask whether your contractor offers guarantees on labor and installations. Ensure you know how your siding company views their workmanship because an improper installation can void the product warranty.

Finding the best siding contractor in Raleigh does not have to be stressful. Visit for the best siding repairs and replacements.