How to watch Live TV on Android


Televisions have been used as a means of entertainment for decades now. From black and white to color televisions, technology has evolved a lot in numerous aspects. With the growth of smartphone and computer trends, even the television industry has experienced a number of changes. In fact, it’s possible now to watch daytime soaps in just a matter of clicks using your smartphone.

A number of websites and applications are available on the internet that provides live television streaming services, both paid and free. Users can download these apps on their smartphone and enjoy the immense experience of watching television right from their device.

Although there are various apps to stream live TV channels, Sports broadcast(스포츠중계), etc sometimes it becomes confusing which application to go for. To make your work easier, we will be sharing the best applications to watch live channels on your android device.

We have mentioned numerous applications such as Oreo TV apk that offer live TV streaming in addition to the latest movies and shows. With these apps, you will have access to the ultimate television experience provided by hundreds of free Television channels.

How to watch Live TV on Android

In this section, we have enlisted the 4 best android applications that can be used to watch Live Television on an android device. All the apps mentioned in the list are completely free to use and do not have any hidden charges associated with them.

Oreo TV

Oreo TV is no doubt one of the best apps to watch your favorite show or movie on your android device. Apart from these, the app also lets the users stream hundreds of Live TV channels in high-quality. Most of the channels can be streamed in high definition. Some channels have the option to stream in 4k resolution as well.

Oreo TV is free to download and use. It does not charge a penny from its users. If you are a traveler or a student and do not want to waste your precious money on entertainment, then Oreo TV is a no-brainer for you. Also, prefer the Smart TV that increases your live TV-watching experience.


Thop TV is another great application that offers streaming services without any price. Users can search the internet and download a copy of the installation package for free. In addition to hundreds of channels and shows, Thop TV also provides high-quality movies to its users.

ThopTV can be installed on any android-based device such as smartphone, Android TV, and Firestick device.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is another live TV streaming application that offers advertisement-supported video-on-demand services. The app is quite similar to a traditional television because of the advertisements that are shown after specific intervals. The platform has around 170 content partners and streams more than 250 television channels. Users can access Pluto TV using its official website and applications.

Sling TV

Sling TV is another legit android application that lets users stream live TV channels on their devices. Users can access the platform on android smartphones, smart TVs, and digital media players. The service offers numerous cable TV channels on their application. Developers at Sling TV LLC are actively engaged in adding new content sources to the application. As of 2020, the platform has around 2.59 Million subscribers.

The Need for Live TV Apps

Not everyone seems to agree when we say that smartphone applications have become an integral part of our day to day lives. Therefore, we have mentioned a few points that might inform you about the growing need for a Live TV application.

Free to Use

These applications are free to use and can be downloaded without any costs. Unlike traditional television, where you have to pay for the TV as well as the cable connection price, smartphone applications do not demand a hefty price for their installation. Anyone can head over to the internet and get a copy of the installation package without burning a hole in their pocket.


It is an age of portability and flexible services. Smartphone apps help in achieving the same. With Live TV applications such as Pluto TV, a user can stream their favorite television show from any part of the world anytime.

High-Quality Content

Television offers standard quality content that is not even worth the price. If an individual wants high-quality, he/she has to pay extra money for the HD channels (ignoring the cost of an HD TV). Apps such as Thop TV provide high definition content streaming at zero costs.

Categorized Content

In traditional television, users have to use a remote to navigate through the channels. It can be a tiresome job if you do not know the code of the channel. In live TV applications, channels are sorted into categories and can be searched alphabetically. This makes navigation easier as never.

Wrapping Up

So that was our take on How to watch Live TV on Android. We mentioned the 4 best android applications that can be installed on a smartphone to enjoy the ultimate television experience. These apps are completely free to use and do not charge a single penny for the service.  Be sure to also check out options like UWatchfree as well.

Oreo TV and Thop TV provide movies and web series in addition to the Live streaming service. They have an amazing user interface and offer high-quality content for free. Pluto Tv and Sling TV are legit television streaming platforms that have hundreds of content sources available on their stack. These services can be accessed using their smartphone applications, smart television apps, and digital media players.

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