How to Wear a Hoodie with Style for Fall

When most of us think about a hoodie, our minds may drift toward the sweatshirts we wore in high school. Yet as men’s dress codes become more relaxed, it’s time to update your idea of what a hoodie should be. The Supreme x Louis Vuitton Hoodie is not only a fashion item that marks your entrance into this growing realm but also the perfect garment to get you through the autumn season with sophistication.

How to wear such a hoodie with style? These luxury streetwear brands are known for their luxury items. It’s the type of brand mix you would usually see celebrities wearing who want to make a statement. Maybe you’re one of those types, who only wear the good stuff to make a statement of who you are. Maybe you’re a fan of the streetwear brand and want to buy everything there is out there. Whatever your reason may be, you must know how to wear it well. And if you don’t know how to do so, no worries we’re giving you fashion tips on how to do so.

Find the right fit

Sure, you can throw a hoodie on and look comfortable. But what if you want to look stylish and well-put together? You’ve got to choose a hoodie that fits you properly, whether it’s fitted or oversized. You need the right material, color choices, and patterns too. Like those shoes, you have in your closet…the ones that are ruined because you don’t know how to match them with anything in your closet. I’ve worn a hoodie probably more times than I’ve worn any other article of clothing over the years, so I know what to buy, where to buy them (because not all hoodies are created equally), and why some are good or bad quality and what makes one worth keeping. Heck yes, they’re expensive but here’s the best part… wearing a hoodie is one of the most comfortable outfits you can ever have. It’s affordable and functional and with its many variants, it’s designed to suit your style and attitude. But choosing the right one isn’t easy especially if you’re clueless about what style will work for your look.

Match hoodie to body

An essential part of your wardrobe, men’s stylish hoodies for fall have been around for a long time and are a staple. However, it has not always been considered an “essential” item. There was a time when the only people who wore these were joggers. Today though, we live in an era where the hoodie is considered trendy and stylish, even for non-joggers!

Match the color of your hoodie to your body. For example, if you have dark hair and skin, choose a dark gray or black pullover. Or if you have light hair and skin, opt for white or pastel colors.

Match your hoodie with your body type. If you’re tall and slim, choose an oversized hoodie that will make you look even taller and slimmer. If you have broad shoulders and a smaller waist, choose a fitted hoodie that will accentuate those assets.

Make sure the color of your hoodie matches your skin tone. A dark blue or black hoodie on fair skin can be unflattering, while pale pink or white might look cheap on someone with darker skin tones.

Get a replica hoodie if you want something trendy but still affordable. Blvcks sells Supreme and Palace high-quality replicas at low prices, so you don’t have to break the bank just to look good in public.

Pair hoodie with dress pants

Pair it with dress pants. A hoodie goes well with dress pants for an elegant look. It can also be paired with casual clothes such as ripped jeans or shorts.

Wear it over a suit jacket or blazer. A hoodie can work wonders when worn over a suit jacket or blazer, especially if you’re going for a casual look at the office or a party.

Layer it under a coat or jacket. If you don’t want to wear layers but still want extra warmth, consider layering your hoodie under your coat or jacket instead of wearing it on top of other layers of clothing such as sweaters or t-shirts. This will give you more flexibility in terms of what else you want to wear underneath your outerwear while ensuring that you’ll still stay warm even if it gets chilly outdoors later in the day when temperatures drop significantly again after having been high earlier in the morning before sunrise when temperatures were warmer.

Complete an outfit with accessories

The easiest way to add some polish to your look is by adding some accessories. Accessories like scarves, necklaces, jewelry, and shoes can make any outfit look more polished and put together. You can also try pairing your hoodie with statement sunglasses or a hat for a fun pop of color!

The best way to wear a hoodie is by pairing it with other items that complement its colors and styles. A hoodie can complete an outfit by adding texture, color, and warmth to your look. Here are some tips on how to do just that:

Just remember that while they’re great for layering, they can be worn on their own too — so don’t let them go out of style at night!


Hooded sweatshirts are versatile items that you can wear in a variety of diverse ways. You can pair them with slacks to class or jeans on the weekend, and they can be dressed up or dressed down based on your other clothing options. Because they’re such a cozy option, they’re also wonderful for transitioning between seasons. The best place to start when wearing a hoodie is by pairing it with some dark denim jeans and chunky heeled boots (with or without socks). On top, go for any neutral-toned tees or tanks and throw on an oversized peacoat for an extra layer of warmth. Depending on where you live and the time of year, your outerwear might be all you need to keep yourself warm!