How to win at the casino: pokies and table games

If you too like to go to the casino but never have luck with you, then here are some tips on how to learn more about the slot machines you can find and how to increase your chances of winning money at trusted casino sites.

Slot machines: 1 to 3 line (reel) pokies

Slot machines require a specific budget, especially if you tend to play them for a while. Generally, they need you to play a certain number of chips, but each chip has a price, which can vary between 1 cent and 5 AUD: you will have to understand that if you stay several hours in front of your slot machine, and you play a lot of chips at each game, you may get your money’s worth.

On the reel pokies, it is possible to bet on several win lines simultaneously (between 1 and 3), their cost being up to 5 AUD. These slots are top-rated as they are among the most expensive, and the jackpot is very high. However, playing them requires a certain amount of money, as you may be playing for a while before you win so that the final bill may be high. Fortunately, there are a few tricks you can use to change your luck and get your wallet back on track.

Slot machines: machines with more than three lines (digital)

Less expensive, multi-line slots are the most commonly used, although they can cause the same damage as reel slots. The fee for these varies between 1 and 50 cents, but it is possible to bet up to 300 coins, a sum that can quickly be substantial.

The operation of this slot is relatively simple, as it is possible to win different jackpots and play 1 to 3 coins per line. Again, there is a trick to know to multiply your chances of winning: the objective is to bet on a maximum number of lines. The aim is to bet on as many lines as possible, as playing on this pokie will allow you to get some winnings and free games, which is only possible when betting on all the lines. The more lines you have, the closer you get to the jackpot. Once you’ve won the pot, you can use this trick on other machines and accumulate winnings.

Pokies and table games: how to maximise your chances?

You should know a few other things about maximising your chances of winning at the casino: firstly, when choosing a slot machine, make sure that it doesn’t have a very high win score from the last game played. Secondly, look around and get as much information as possible to see if the jackpot has recently won.

Although they may seem simple, all of these tricks will make it easier and faster to win when playing a slot machine, and you’ll enjoy the moment much more by avoiding unpleasant surprises when you do your sums.