How To Win Every Encounter in Division 2 – Tips and Tricks For a Better Gameplay


If you’re a Tom Clancy fan with a weak spot for games, Division 2 is right up your alley. Like most games, we’d understand if you wanted to know all the secrets to winning. After all, the game is believed to have a rather steep learning curve. So, if you’re looking for ways to learn how to win every encounter in Division 2, you’ve come to the right place! We’ll take a look at the different tips and tricks to get there and what your opponents are using. Yes, it includes a few cheats, but that’s just to let you know what everyone else is probably doing. Let’s get right to it!

#10 Try Using Gear From The Same Set

The most basic thing that makes a world of difference is to try and acquire gear from the same set. Not only does it make your overall build stronger, but it gives you advantages, too! The easiest way to get a hang of it is to gun for gear with similar names. In our opinion, the two best ones to look out for are (i) Hunter’s Fury and (ii) Umbra Initiative. Not only does Hunter’s Fury offer lifesteal, but it also debuffs enemies within 15m and adds additional damage at close range. The Umbra Initiative increases the reload rate on critical damage increase as well as critical chance.

#9 Secure Safe Houses and Activate Control Points

Having control of the area in a game is as important as the game itself. There are many safe houses and control points on the map that act as respawn locations. Safehouses give you quests and boss fights that ultimately deal great EXP. Control points on the other hand are great for fast travel across the city and controlling mobs. Conquering these places gives you an advantage in the game. 

#8 When They’re Too Close – Punch!

We get what you’re thinking, why punch when you have weapons? Many times in encounters in Division 2, players find that their enemies got too close. At this range using a weapon other than a knife can be useless. Even drawing the knife may leave you open for attack. The quickest way to deal damage and better your chances is to punch the enemy. Not only do melee attacks save you from wasting ammo, you can even use them when escaping. 

#7 Always Use Covers When Needed

There are many instances where players feel they can go through direct encounters without the need to cover. Knowing when and where to cover is a strategic move that saves your health and prevents you from taking damage. Just make sure you don’t run into your enemies since they’re probably looking for cover as well. If you stay in one place too long, you might get flanked. The best way is to use short but sporadic covers to avoid getting hit.

#6 Don’t Waste Ammo – Aim At Weak Points

It cannot be emphasized enough when we say DO NOT WASTE YOUR AMMO. It’s harder to find ammo refills during encounters, and a lack of bullets might just get you killed. You never know what kind of opponents you could go up against, so it’s important to keep your stash on hand. The best way to preserve ammo is to aim for weak points on your enemies. Make use of explosives to clear out an area with less ammo. And like we said, when they get close, go for a punch!

#5 Upgrade Your Weapons With Mods

If you chose to upgrade your weapons with mods, you wouldn’t be the only one. Modding is a hack that many players use to better their odds in Division 2. The game allows you to mod your weapons to boost their specs. These mods are often in the form of Magazines, Muzzles, Optics, and Underbarrels. If you’re a beginner, you’d want to look into mods that improve the handling of your weapons and firing rate. It would give you an advantage during encounters and make it easier to use weapons in fights.

#4 Consider VeteranCheat’s Hacks

There are many unofficial hacks that players can use to get around the game. The most popular are VeteranCheat’s hacks that allow you to win encounters. These hacks range anywhere from no recoil to radar hacks and much more. We would suggest that you learn to play the game fair and square, but this is always an option. However, don’t expect other players to treat you on their level if they find out you use cheats.

#3 Don’t Rush Into The Expansion

The biggest mistake many people make when playing Division 2 is that they rush into the expansion. Although Warlords of New York may seem enticing, going into it with no control over the game’s mechanics would be a mistake. If you play the game from the beginning, you’re more likely to get a good collection of loot. You can take this loot into the expansion and it helps you out a lot in the long term. Going directly into the expansion would make the learning curve even more steep!

#2 Explore The Whole Map

When looking for ways to have the upper hand in encounters, there is nothing more useful than knowing the map like the back of your hand. When you know the map, you can execute your encounter and escape strategies with ease. It makes it easier to play the game and go on with progression. Plus, exploring the map also means you’ll come across containers with special loot. This type of bonus gives you an advantage, especially when it comes to perfecting your build. So, take your time with the game and get to exploring!

#1 Get The Headshot Perk For Accuracy

Think about it: the better the accuracy in a shooting game, the more chances you have of winning an encounter. The game allows you to access unique buffs through Perks, and one of them is the Headshot Accolade Perk. Whenever you manage a successful headshot, the perk gives you additional XP. This helps train users to execute headshots flawlessly, and by the time they reach harder levels, they’re very good at it. Trust us; it’ll help you a lot in the long run!

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