How to write a good resume?

Today, the written summary of the specialist is a prerequisite for the consideration of the candidacy when receiving a serious, well-paid organization. Most candidates for the position are eliminated already at the resume rate. That is why it is so important to properly compose it, avoiding typical errors. Resume writing services can help you with this.

What data about yourself indicate?

Specify F.I.O., year of birth, contact addresses (including electronic) and phones. Often they forget to specify the patronymic, or home address, or do not indicate which phones working, and what a home, and what time it is better to call. Good to add a small strict color photo.

The text is quite often the wrong email address from which the email is sent to the summary. If the candidate claims to hold a computer is an error. You should only send a resume from that address that appears in the text of the resume.


In the section “Education”, specify where, when and what educational institution graduated, and also (if we recently graduated from the university) what evaluation were – if, of course, they are your “plus”. If you were engaged in the university or are now engaged in science – specify scientific specialization, degree, scholarship.

It is necessary to list all kinds of awards of various contests, Olympics, conferences. Write in detail, specify the faculty, department, specialization, topic of the diploma. Specify the numbers of the corresponding diplomas, evidence and certificates. Do not forget also about advanced training courses and internships, even if they were one-day.

Work experience

This is the most important and longest section of the resume, which by volume should exceed all the other partitions together. If your work wore a project character (programmer, designer), then list all your projects that have been laughing over one month. If the work is homogeneous or is not projective (manager, seller), then highlight some features and types of work in your work (for example, work with a certain large customer or supplier).

For each project (features), you must briefly and accurately indicate:

  • Period of time with an accuracy of the month (one can approximately);
  • Place of work;
  • Name of the project (type of work, features);
  • A brief description of the project (type of work, features) by 1-2 lines;
  • Used toolkit (for example, computer programs, specific technologies that may be of interest to the employer);
  • Your role in the work performed.


In no case do not write connected text. Do not turn the resume in the literary essay! It is very uncomfortable to work with him. The fact is that managers are engaged and usually read the summary, which is called, diagonally, catching the places and keywords by the eye by the eye. Therefore, the summary should be structured – it is easy to perceive.

Each section should be formalized – either to bring to the table (track record, education), or each new element (name, address, etc.) start with a new line. It is not necessary to draw the frames and dividing table lines – enough if the text is located sufficiently strictly in the columns and is well structured. Writing each partition and write headlines to a large font so that the eye is easy to snatch the necessary information.

Do not abuse small elements of design – italic, bold font, underline, words from capital letters. Do not turn the text into the patchwork blanket.

Adapt Summary to Employer Requirements

It is important that future work and position will be taken into account in the summary. So, if, for example, you apply for the position of a specialist in testing or documenting software, it is not necessary to emphasize that you are a high-end programmer, even if you are. After all, your qualifications may consider too high for this work (overqualified) and refuse, realizing that you cannot qualitatively perform work leading to disqualification. And what manager (especially if he is also a former programmer) want to have a higher qualifying specialist in submission than himself? 

If you certainly need this work, you should convert a summary so that your main occupation looks testing or accordingly the documentation, and other activities (programming, implementation, support) – auxiliary.

Similarly, it should be done if you apply for a change in the kind of work performed – it should be shown that you should have all my life as if we were doing that they worked on your new specialization.

There is no and cannot be a single summary for all occasions that could be sent by all firms unchanged. Each time you should first think about what qualities will be valued at the new job, and in accordance with them modify the summary.

Good work to you!

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