How To Write A Manifestation Journal

Many people have a manifestation journal and it can be beneficial to write in one. A manifestation journal is essentially a manifestation diary that you use as an accountability tool for keeping track of your manifestation goals. In this blog post, we will go over how to start and maintain a manifestation journal so that you are able to keep all your manifestations organized! Moreover, you can visit this page to get in touch with Manifestation expert if you are interested in joining a Manifesting Course.

What is a manifestation journal?

A manifestation journal is a daily, or almost-daily ritual that helps you stay focused on your goals and aspirations. It can be done in writing, as an email to yourself, or through other reflective practices like drawing – but it’s usually written down so you can look back at the past year and see how close you’ve come to actualizing your goals.

The manifestation journal is a tool for how to write affirmations and visualizations, as well as manifesting what you want in life – both big or small; it’s not limited by time frame (which means that even if you’ve been struggling with the same issue forever, there are still things you can put into practice).

It’s an opportunity to explore new possibilities and ideas for manifestation while acknowledging any resistance we face from within. You’re getting close when the manifestation starts changing too- but sometimes I think of my manifestation journal like keeping a self-compassion list: always working on being kinder to myself no matter where I am right now!

How to use your manifestation journal

Start off with an intention, which can be as simple as “I am happy.” This sets your subconscious mind in motion so that when situations arise during the day (or night), they are filtered through this positive lens; for example, if someone cuts me off in traffic I might think: “At least he didn’t hit us!” or maybe even just “Thank goodness my family got here safe and sound!” Not only does starting each sentence with “I am happy” make me feel better, but it sets the tone for everything else I write.

Focusing on what you’re grateful for is one of the easiest manifestation tools there are- an opportunity to recognize and appreciate all that’s good in your life.

This can be anything from “the sun shining through my window this morning,” or “having a roof over our heads.” If you’ve been feeling down about something specific, focusing on that gratitude will help change your perspective. You’re also more likely to see opportunities where they might have otherwise escaped your notice: once you start looking out for them!

Examples of manifestations for your life

  • Some examples of manifestation for your life are:
  • Receiving a promotion at work
  • Moving to an area with better weather or more opportunities
  • Meeting someone you have been thinking about all day long and then discovering they live in the next state over from where you currently reside.
  • Finding the perfect pair of jeans that make you look and feel your best

Why you should keep a manifestation journal

Incorporating manifestation in your journal can help to focus on what is desired, instead of dwelling on what is not wanted. Keeping a manifestation journal can be helpful for reaching big goals, such as saving enough money for a house or starting an organization.

There are many people that have turned their lives around with the use of manifestation and it is possible to do so through writing in this type of journal.

Creating your manifestation list

Create a manifestation list of what you want in your life. Include both material and nonmaterial desires, for example: “I want to have $100 thousand dollars by next year.” “I want my hair to grow long without getting damaged or breaking off.”

Write each manifestation as if it has already happened. So, the aforementioned manifestation might look something like this instead: ‘My bank account reads $100 thousand.’ Keep writing these statements until you feel like they are complete enough that you can close your eyes and see them happening with some level of detail.

We recommend doing this daily for at least 30 minutes. You should also journal about the manifestation process each day, so you can see how it is going and what to do if things go wrong. If you are not sure where to start or what to write, try writing your manifestation statements in a letter format to yourself! This is also a complete guide for your manifestation list.


Writing a manifestation journal will help you have more concrete goals that are aligned with what want to accomplish in life or manifesting anything else you want. It also gives clarity on how those manifestations materialize by recording their progress as they happen this information becomes part of the law of attraction blueprint for future projects too! Lastly, writing down affirmations throughout the day helps make them stick even better than before because we cannot forget about things we put pen to paper.