How to write an academic piece while traveling


Leisure time is extremely important for those who are in constant stress or education process. Unfortunately, most of times, before holliday starts, teachers give loads of homework, papers to write, and other assingnments for students to perform. This is where the greatest students dilemma gets born: should I study or should I have fun?

Since stundets’ main priority is college and education, many of them choose to cancel their vacation which is why they loose that wonderful experience. Obviously, not all of the students are happy with postponing their lives because of studies. For those students who looking for an option where it is possible to do both: spend a good time and get a good grade. Keep reading if you are one them.

A third-party help?

Every time I hear that one of my peers cancels his or her trip because of a college assignment, I get upset. That happens because I truly believe that we have to live our lives instead of waiting for something we don’t even understand. When I got this thought in my mind for the first time, I had huge academic writing to be submitted. Also, my University professor is an extremely strict person.

However, I decided to go on vacation with my friends instead of staying on campus and working on that research paper. I was about to spend one of the best weekends in my entire life but still had my school project to write. Solution came fast. I simply decided to buy a paper from, and that worked perfectly fine for me.

Buying a research paper is a plausible option for all of us, especially nowadays with such a big number of vendors online with great quality at reasonable costs. Even so, there are many great quality articles that are custom made on a writing service. It is a way that will ensure good results and take none of your travel time.

Writing to go: some tips to write during a travel

You have a second option: you could do the assignment yourself and use your travel experience at fullest. Of course, this is the hard way, the simple path is to go online and hire writing services to do order custom made papers. But if you choose to do it yourself you will need to be very organized and be willing to sacrifice a percentage of your trip. To help you, here are some tips on how to effectively write during your trip.

Plan your writing routine

One of the keys to write while traveling is to be very organized regarding your time and writing goals, so you need to plan a routine and stick to it. This is very important because if you don’t get organized, it is probable that you waste travel time, and in the end, your assignment won’t be as good as you expect it.

So, the first thing to consider is what kind of writing you are doing; if it is travel writing, as in a travel diary, you should follow some tips from professional writers about how to manage creative writing, and if it is a school assignment, you should make sure that you will have internet connection during your trip to do the necessary research online -taking books on a trip it is not practical.

Take these aspects into account when planning your writing routine

  • Establish a writing schedule and be very strict about it.
  • Define how many days and how many hours a day you will be writing. It is recommendable to dedicate just a couple of days to write, and no more than 3 hours a day.
  • Don’t take your laptop; it takes space in your bag and the weight can bother you.
  • A notepad and a pen can be much more practical to write anywhere, for example, in front of a beach.
  • Make a list of the assignments that you need to do. If you have more than one assignment it’s probably best to purchase some of them and just take the load of one for the trip.
  • Do some research in advance, and take the notes to the trip.

Use the “dead time”

Imagine you have to take a 5 hours ride to get to your destination, 5 hours in which you can’t do much but sit and wait. Or that you have to wait a couple of hours at the airport for a flight connection. Or that it is raining and you can´t go on an excursion until it stops.

All of those situations illustrate “dead time” in which you are not living your trip experience, instead you are just waiting for something else to happen. You can use this kind of situations to work on your assignment and make some advances in your writing. It is a great way to make the best of your time, rather than wasting it.

Don’t let it absorb you

Can an assignment really take over your trip? Of course, and it is something you have to be aware of. There is a misguided educational statement, which seems to indicate that every assignment must have an absurd complexity in order to be effective. That brings as result assignments that take so much time from students, and become one of the reasons that drive students to buy research papers online.

Remember that a travel is an unremarkable experience, a small but important episode where you meet new people and special places. Trips are important for students because they help them build their perception of the world and take a break from stress. So, if you take homework on your trip, you need to be very careful not let it invade your entire travel experience.

Final decision: stay or go?

You should definitely GO! The years you spend in college are some of the most important of your life, because a big part of who you are will be defined within those years. So, make the best of every travel you get, and don’t let anything stop you from getting those enriching experiences.

At the end of the day, you do have a choice to make, but that choice is between buying research papers or doing it yourself on your trip. If the question is “should I go on that trip?” the answer should be YES!

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