How to Write an Admissions Essay that will Secure Your Spot at University

College application essays can be a very stressful process because they will make or break your application. It is your one chance to make sure you make a great impression with the admissions office so that you can study at your dream university.

You will have an ample amount of days to make sure you produce a great admissions essay, and we will help you with that.

1. Reading the topic carefully

While this goes without saying, it is very important that you follow this first step with a lot of caution because there is no room for error. There are also other guidelines that you will need to take into consideration, so make sure that you have those sorted out as well.

Once you go through the essay topic properly, you can proceed to the next step which will be the research.

2. Doing the research

Admissions essays can be about different things. If yours is a topic that is not about you and your experiences, you need to conduct extensive research and gather enough material before you can begin to write. If you feel like you’re lacking in time you can use myadmissionsessay discount so that you come up with a great essay.

With any essay, it is important to collect some hard hitting examples as they will make your essay much more interesting to read.

However, if the topic is to write about yourself then you need to evaluate and think about the aspects of your life that are worth mentioning. Don’t worry if you feel like you haven’t  done much, it is the way you write that will matter the most.

3. Be yourself

It can be very easy to adopt a tone that is not your own, in order to impress the reader. But don’t do that. Be true to yourself, which will show how passionate you are about earning a spot at their university.

This is also where you should be warned of using any clichés. Keep in mind that the college admissions received hundreds of applications in a day, and they come across a lot of repetition as well. So, it will be in your best interest to avoid that.

You must have read a lot of admissions essays as examples; your approach should be to do things in a different way from that.

4. Giving examples

If the admissions topic is about you, you have to come up with examples that will support all the qualities you have mentioned about yourself. This gives the admissions officer a good idea about how you have applied your skills in the past and how you will continue to do so. Remember, it is easy to simply say you’re “hardworking” but you should tell the reader how much effort and time you put in to get what you want.

5. Ask someone to read

This is the last but the most important step of all. Asking someone to proofread your essay with a critical eye, will help your essay immensely. This is because you may have missed certain things that could be pointed by someone else, hence, improving your essay overall.