How to write your radio show script


It might be tempting to pour your heart out to your listeners but presenting a riveting radio show isquite different from unwarily chatting away with your best friend. It is wise to have well written scripts ready to help you navigate through shows.

Two main types of radio scripts

  • Talk Radio Script:

This type of script includes spoken passages in order to convey information.A detailed script keeps you on the right track and helps structure the show.

  • Music Radio Script

Music radio shows bank on impromptu presentation and has scope for improvisation as they pivot around music. This kind of script does not require fully scripted passages but simply notes and bullet points on fun facts or current news to guide the presenter.

Further, radio scripts have three elements

  • The spoken words – these can be pre written or ad-libbed, in other words,performed without prior planning
  • Music
  • Sound effects

Why write a radio script in advance

Preparing radio scripts prior to broadcast help in organising the show and avoid dead air by providing a written trail to follow. Ready scripts help you have control over the content and present dynamic shows because you will have only so much time to connect with your listeners and win them over.

How to write a gripping radio script

Having a fabulous radio script handy is the key to keep your listeners hooked and coming back over and over again. Although there is no industry standard script style, the following pro tips are what professional radio presenters swear by:

Becoming a radio script genius requires sincere effort.Creating a radio script is no less than a creative process and needs constant generation of exciting ideas.

  • Avoid making scripttoo formal as it may sound unnatural on air because radio at its best shouldn’t sound rigid in spite of being fully scripted.
  • Map out the duration of each segment of your show script.
  • Use the active voice, punchy verbs and contractions. Never switch between past and present tenses.Succinctsentences allow improvisation and expansion on the script.
  • Know your audience and establish the tone accordingly. Let your personality shine through by adding elements of improvisation like relating anecdotes,jokes and including witty observations.
  • Use words like “we”, “us”, “you” to include to your listeners in your broadcast.
  • Mix spoken presentations and sound tracks.

Find what is best for your radio show:

Radio show script elements such as music, sound effects and radio jingles add the zing to your radio show. Sound effects to introduce songs, funny voiceovers to introduce the element of humour and signature jingles designed for your shows have a lasting impression on your listeners.However, to present an amusing, tri-dimensional show you must have all the contemporary tech stuff at your disposal. Possessing a reliable and flexible mixer is vital for production of any successful radio show.You can find a lot of information in this guide by Teko Broadcast that explains what is the best audio mixer to buy.


Creating a radio show script has various dimensions to it. Punctuating scripts with melody, voiceovers and jingles make a show memorable.

About the author

Samuel Lynn has been a professional radio show host for decades. His formidable career span has enabled him to have a deep insight into the process of producing and presenting exhilarating radio shows. The present piece is a good guide on creating a catchy radio show script.

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