How Travel Board Games Make the Journey A Little Easier


It comes to no surprise that travelling, especially with small children, can be boring, tedious and painful. Watching miles of open countryside, road or clouds on a long haul flight can seem twice as long with nothing to do. Everyone is constantly trying to entertain themselves in the small space of a car or your seat on a train or plane. So, what can you do?

Board games are a great way to bring friends and family together. The teach kids about winning and losing while also inviting conversation and use of imagination. However, they do seem like more trouble than they are worth. A boardgame can take up a lot of space in your luggage, you can easily lose pieces and the boards don’t tend to be suited for small and compact spaces such as a car.

Travel Board Games

Manufacturers know the need for games that can be played on the go in confined spaces. That is why travel games exist. They have magnetic pieces which stick to the board, to avoid losing any. They have smaller, more compact playing surfaces to be able to fit on a fold-out table for example. They also have board with one game on one side, and a different game on the other, meaning you get two games in one, saving space and money. They fit ideally in any luggage and are ready to play from the moment you open the box. Some even use the storage box as a board in order to save even more space!

Classic Games

Classic games such as scrabble, chess, checkers, snakes and ladders and battleships all have travel adaptations. There are plenty of options to keep your kids entertained. In some cases, you might find that one box contains several games to play, helping the hours roll past without any troubles.

Online Games

We live in a generation where smartphones are as good as computer gaming systems, which is a great advantage for a traveller. Download a game and away you go, diving into a world of adventure, free online slots, drawing games, puzzles and so much more. Board games can be a fresh of breath air and a step away from technology, as most electronic games are single player. Some do offer you the chance to play with friends online, but that means creating a profile or logging in via social media.

If you do opt for the smartphone way of travel gaming, make sure to always have a charger handy, as some games can deplete your battery life.


It is evident that travel board games, whether the traditional sort or online on your smartphone are a great way to make a journey easier. They keep every traveller, including young children, entertained and having fun, while also teaching the kids new skills. This helps the hours go by without any issues, until you reach your destination. Or at least the next toilet stop!

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