How Vane Pumps are Used in Airplanes and the Travel Industry

Vane vacuum pumps are among the most important technologies in the airplane and travel industries. They aid in the functionalities of these industries, and without them, the effects would be felt not just in the airplane and travel industry, but the entire world economy as well. It’s puzzling how something as simple as the vane vacuum pump is of such importance to entire industries, right? Well, to comprehend their usefulness even better, it is important to understand their uses. For context, here is how vane pumps are used in airplanes and the travel industry.

1. They are essential in both light and commercial aircraft

Vane pumps are a critical component in both large and small aircraft. Without them, planes quite literally can’t fly. In light aircraft, vane pumps are used for wheel-brake activation. This means that light aircraft landing would be a dangerous affair without these pumps. The uses of vane pumps get even more complex in large commercial aircraft. In large commercial planes, vane vacuum pumps in collaboration with other technologies are used for braking, extending the gear for landing, steering the nose wheel, controlling the propellers, opening cargo doors, and even operating the loading ramps. They are also the main technology used in the control of airplane wipers. Simply put, both light aircraft and heavy commercial airplanes cannot get off the ground without vacuum pumps. To contextualize the impact on the economy, one needs to understand that commercial aircraft are a critical factor in the movement of goods and people all across the world. Without them, global trade would grind to a halt. The impact is equally huge in light aircraft. The tourism industry is heavily dependent on light aircraft. These planes are used in the transportation of tourists in game parks and other animal conservation areas. Light aircraft are also extremely useful in protecting wildlife. Governments and other wildlife conservation agencies use light aircraft to keep an eye on endangered animal species by keeping poachers at bay. In essence, by helping keep light aircraft in the air, vane pumps help keep economies that rely on wildlife tourism alive. 

2. They are a key component in the auto industry

Vehicles are among the most important inventions in modern history. They aid in the movement of goods and people, helping keep the world economy moving. Over the years, automobiles have become safer, faster and more comfortable and vane pumps have a major role in this transformation. Vane vacuum pumps are a part of the braking system, air conditioning, auto-transmission and supercharging. Without the vane vacuum pump, your vehicle would have braking issues making it a coffin on wheels. You would also have a rough time in hot and cold weather because the only way to adjust the temperatures would be to open or close the windows. This is an impractical technique, especially when driving at high speeds. Vane pump usage in supercharging cars means that you can enjoy the full power of a car, and also get to your destination much faster. Most importantly, without vane vacuum pumps, you would be stuck with a manual transmission car. Manual transmission cars are good, but they are not the most effective especially when driving in traffic. Considering that traffic snarl-ups are the norm in 21st-century cities, it then follows that vane pumps are among the most important components in a car. Imagine how the world economy would look like today if we were stuck with early to mid-20th century style cars. Things would be much slower and the world economy would shrink significantly.

3. They are useful in ships

Vane vacuum pumps are among the most important pumps in ships, both cargo and cruise liners. In essence, these pumps are critical in the movement of goods all across the world. Without them, ships would have problems, significantly slowing down sea transport and by extension, the world economy. In terms of passenger transport, cruise ships are an integral part of the global tourism industry, moving thousands of people annually all across the world. Were they to stop, entire economies that are heavily dependent on tourism would be affected.

All the above point to vacuum pumps as an important component of the airline and other aspects of the transport industry. The best part is that these pumps are affordable. A company like Provac offers high-quality vacuum vane pumps at affordable prices. Provac also delivers these products all across the world. Get in touch with them today and get a pump for your needs.