How VR Technology is Used in the Adult Industry


Pornography has been around for thousands of years, however, it wasn’t until the digital age with the invention of computers and the Internet that it became accessible to almost everyone over the age of 18.

In the early days of the Internet, watching porn usually meant having to deal with annoying dial-up, irritatingly slow buffering speeds, and looking at a screen. Fortunately, with developments in broadband Internet and electronic devices, there are more porn viewing options than ever before, including watching videos on a computer, phone, or tablet. However, these options only provide a 2D experience that is far from immersive or interactive, which is why virtual reality (VR) porn was created.

Compared to VR porn, traditional ways of watching porn provide a passive experience with few opportunities to interact and live out fantasies. On the other hand, VR porn often comes in the form of erotically themed games, offering viewers the chance to become active participants and experience actions through the eyes of a character rather than just passive observers.

The use of VR technology is a relatively new concept for many people, so here is a breakdown of how it is used in the adult entertainment industry.

The Equipment

Usually finding porn to watch or adult sexting takes a few clicks, although VR porn requires a bit more preparation and setting up of equipment. Of course, the most important piece of kit is a VR headset, for example, many viewers prefer using Oculus to watch VR porn as it can easily be integrated with VR players and porn websites. It is however recommended to check the compatibility of headsets with different systems and websites.

VR headsets are available to everyone as they come in many different designs and sizes, ranging from very simple sets made of cardboard to high-tech models with multiple controls and integrations, and comfortable padding and straps. Despite the choices, to ensure a high-quality viewing experience, it is advised to get a VR headset that fits well and creates a great image.

In addition to investing in a good VR headset, viewers of VR porn will also need a smartphone with decent battery life, plenty of memory, and excellent processing speeds. To avoid constantly taking off the headset to pause, play or stop applications, or change any options, it is necessary to install apps specialized for watching VR content.

However, due to limitations in phone-based VR many companies are reducing their support for virtual reality apps and services, so getting a dedicated VR device is the best bet for watching porn in virtual reality. For example, the Oculus Quest 2 is a wireless headset that runs without the need for a smartphone and comes with hand controllers, so it is easy to navigate browsers and interact with characters in VR porn.

Downloading and Streaming

After setting up a phone and/or a VR headset, viewers need to decide if they want to download or stream their choice of porn. Typically, files for VR porn are huge, often coming in at over 10 GB, therefore VR porn downloads require lots of storage space and of course, patience, especially if the Internet connection is slow.

An alternative method to downloading files is streaming, although a stable Internet connection with good speeds is needed if viewers want to avoid frustrating lags and skips.

On the whole, it is recommended to invest in an external hard drive with plenty of storage space because downloadable files provide a much smoother and immersive viewing experience.

Porn Games and Fantasies

Many people have unexplored sexual fantasies and fetishes, which they may be too embarrassed to share and try out with their partners. VR porn games allow viewers to play out their fantasies without negatively impacting their relationship, especially if partners are in the know about each other’s porn habits and preferences.

There is a large range of VR porn games catering to various fantasies, including titles with lots of kinks and BDSM, where you can control a character or have to follow the commands of other characters.

A Realistic Viewing Experience

Since some VR headsets and porn sites have been around for over 5 years now, there have been several technological developments that have made VR porn far more realistic and immersive.

It is possible to watch VR porn in either 180 or 360 degrees, so people can explore virtual rooms or even a larger world based on real-life or fantasy.

A popular view when watching VR porn is point-of-view (POV) which provides the viewer with a realistic first-person view of the action.

A Realistic Viewing Experience

Porn has been a part of life for a long time, although it has seen many advancements in how it is presented and delivered to the viewer and one prominent development in recent years is VR porn which uses a headset to create an interactive and immersive porn experience.

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