How Was The First Steam Cleaner Made?

The history of steam cleaner is quite impressive. The modern cleaner we see now has gone through an evolution. It was launched at least 150 years ago! But the idea of utilizing it for household work has started in this era. In recent period steam cleaner has been seen in industrial areas, hospitals, homes etc. Peoples are also using steam mop cleaner for vinyl floors for better and hygiene floor in home.

The effectiveness and size also have been brought into shape for work purposes! Even the researcher finds its ability to hygiene floor besides cleanliness. So, it’s no longer used for only cleaning purposes. It is used for killing bed bugs from bed sheets, carpet etc. Today we will know about the steam cleaner’s history.

History Of Steam Cleaner

In earlier times steam cleaners used to be harnessed for cleaning machinery. Oil, grease had to be removed by a steam machine. So, it was common to experience the steamer on railways stations, ships and machinery! It was first used on Italian boiler factory for cleaning machinery in 1960.

But the earlier stage of the cleaner didn’t have the dry vapors system. European manufacturers first discovered the hot vapour system almost 30 years ago. And it became famous for the fastest cleaning and sanitized surface.

After that, it used to be utilized on European large factories, hospitals for quick cleaning and sanitization. But the earlier form of the cleaner was quite expensive and heavy.

Modern Steam Cleaner

The modern form of cleaner we have at our home do you know who invented this? Romi Haan invented steam mop in 1998. According to usability and features, steam mop and cleaner are the same thing.

Steam mop you may find as handy and lightweight for utilizing on home. However, she first made a prototype or modern structure in 2001. And it hit the market in 2004. It became popular among women and available for cleaning the floor, kitchen, bathroom even for windows!

Types of Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner can be classified by size, effectiveness and features! There are various types of cleaner available in the market. And you may notice different types of steam cleaner is seen at home or hospital. Well, let’s see the various kinds of steamer below:

According to Size

There are different size of steam cleaners. The shape has been developed for working purposes. The professionals using cleaner and your mom cleaner are not the same. This is because the commercial area consists of a large area.

So they need a lot of vapour. Like the factories, hospitals, shopping mall etc. Have a look at the various size steamer below:

  • Handheld Steam Cleaner.
  • Steam Mop.
  • Garment Cleaner.
  • Cylinder Steam Cleaner.

According To Features

Depending on the features steam cleaner has two sorts. One is hot steam, and another is cold steam. Before buying any steamer, ask the seller which one you want.

 Hot Steam: Hot steam cleaners release warm vapour to clean the floor. It is more effective because it helps to kill germs and hygiene thoroughly. In hospitals, public bathrooms and mall hot steamers are used. It is used for drying out the floor quickly also.

Cold Steam: Cold steam cleaner releases cold water steam only. Some steam cleaners are multi-function. You may try the multifunction steam cleaner for your home. It is used for cleaning oily and dirty floors. After cleaning with this steam cleaner, you may see steam on the floor.

 According to Effectiveness

The handheld or steam mop used for upholstery. And the cylinder cleaner is used for commercial purposes. The professionals who clean the floors use this cleaner. Even the cloth ironing steamer is different. These are some other cleaner given below:

  • Vapour Steam Cleaner.
  • Vacuum Steam Cleaner.
  • Professionals Steam Cleaner.

How Steam Cleaner Works

The function and attachment of the cleaner are simple. Steam cleaner comes with a different nozzle for cleaning. It requires electric power for creating steaming or vapour. First, the water tank or the part of the cleaner that contains water has to be filled with water. Turn on the power button and wait for a while.

When the water warms completely, it starts releasing vapour. The vapour will come out from the nozzle of the cleaner. The adjustable steam cleaner has the option to control the heating power. If you are using cold steam, wipe out the floor with a cloth later. But the hot steam doesn’t need wiping out twice. It dries quickly.

Amenities of Steam Cleaner

A steam cleaner is used for multi-purpose. It is not only limited to cleaning but also sanitization. It makes our daily work super fast and time saver. It is more beneficial than another cleaner. So, let’s have a look at how we can utilize the cleaner:

Cleaning and Dying

Commonly, steam cleaners utilize cleaning floors, kitchens etc. A steam cleaner is being used in industries, hospitals, and toilets from ancient eras. The main purpose is to keep the surface dirt and dust-free. Even it gives a deep clean to any place with steam. The kitchen, stove, machinery finds free of oil and grease with the blessing of this cleaner.


Later it was discovered that the steam cleaner is responsible for sanitation in our bathroom, hospital as well. It sanitizes a surface or upholstery by killing germs, insects etc. A steam cleaner temperature can reach 300 °F. And bacteria die at 165 °F to 250°F. Bed bugs die 113°F.

So, no germs, insects can survive up to 200°F. That’s why the cleaner used to exercise in hospitals in the earlier stage. However, this cleaner can be used for killing bed bugs from carpet or rugs. But don’t raise the temperature up to 200°F on fabrics.


We must say steam cleaner has brought happiness in our daily and professional life. Because a steam cleaner can provide services for a long time. It doesn’t even use any cleaning solution for cleaning the floor.

The inventor of the modern design of the steam cleaner claimant of all praise and complement. They brought it among common people and refurbished the old version.