How You Can Adapt a Sliding Wardrobe Design to Any Room


Your bedroom is not the only place where you’ll find a sliding wardrobe. With a little customisation, you can design your sliding wardrobe to be useful in any room at your home.

The advantages of a custom-designed sliding wardrobe are:

Customise to get the right design.

Before you start planning, know the room type and its size, how you plan on using the wardrobe and any functional accessories you need to add.

You can customise a sliding wardrobe for multiple uses in different rooms.

Here’s how:

Turn Your Sliding Wardrobe into a Room Divider

Sliding wardrobe can act as a simple division between rooms, such as a bedroom and en-suite bedroom. It creates a division between spaces.

The beauty of using a sliding wardrobe as a room divider is:

  • Dividers maintain the flexibility to change a space’s utility with relative ease.
  • Create extra storage space without taking up too much space.
  • You can make the glass of the doors opaque to allow light to permeate and air to circulate.

Customise Storage Space in Another Room

In the Kitchen

Hinged cupboard doors that extend out need a lot of space to function. Open cupboards can also cause accidents. So your kitchen layout needs fittings that are tucked away, not protruding out.

For a Loft Conversion

For a loft conversion, customise in places where the ceiling height is limited. The width of the doors is as per your desired design.

Typically, loft rooms are not that spacious because of the precious inches stolen by sloping ceilings, and the eaves they leave behind.

For Living Room

A wardrobe can add more value to storage system by also and hiding away CD, DVD, entertainment system, cables record collections and books. It prevents the equipment from environmental damage.

Improves the Aesthetic Appeal of the Room

Aesthetically, a sliding wardrobe is much sleeker than other types. With an easy to customise design, the sliding wardrobe doors also improve the room’s interior.

Adding functional accessories to the sliding wardrobe is one way of enhancing the room’s interior. These are items and fixtures that serve a useful purpose.

Some accessories that are both appealing and useful are:

  • Wallpaper to change the appearance of the door;
  • Remote control led strip lights to the inner storage space;
  • Mirrors on the doors that can also increase the room size.

Security and Privacy for the Storage

Sliding door locks are added to the doors for security and privacy for the wardrobe.

For example, having a lock on a children’s wardrobe prevents them from accessing anything that can cause them injury. So deciding on the type of lock depends on the locking requirement of your room.

Some of the locks you can add to your design are:

The hook bolt cabinet locks which are best for single sliding door. They will hook into the wall that the door closes.

The push-locks overlaps in the middle of double sliding doors. Push the lock to release a small bolt out of the back of the first door and secure the secondary door. It will prevent anyone from opening the wardrobe doors.

How Should You Customise Your Sliding Wardrobe Design?

To customise the function of your wardrobe, know your needs. Then take your time to adapt your sliding wardrobe and make it useful and meet those needs.

Only then can you ensure your sliding wardrobe’s suitability for the room of your choice.

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