How You Can Earn Money By Becoming A Food Blogger


Many food bloggers, like Pinch of Yum and Kitchen Treaty, earn thousands of dollars from their food blogs. They no longer see it as a hobby or a fun thing to do some make it their full-time job. This illustrates how promising food blogging can actually be.

If you’re interested in following in their footsteps, you can start by creating your own website. First pick a catchy food blog name.  Find a suitable web hosting plan for your blog such as Then, proceed with the following methods.

1. Advertisement

To this day, advertisement is still one of the most effective methods to bring in the money. Once your following grows and your blog becomes well-known, it’s time to put up the ads. There are many ad networks that you can apply to, such as Google AdSense and MediaVine.

Be mindful of how many ads you’re running on your blog. You might think that more ads will earn you more money, but that’s not always the case. Overwhelming your visitors will make sure that they don’t come back to your site. Keep in mind that people visit your blog because of the content, not the ads.

2. Affiliate Links

Being part of an affiliate program is another great way to earn money from your food blog. This method requires you to insert links to products or services from other brands into your blog. For each purchase of these products or services from your referral links, you’ll earn advertising fees from the brands.

Many bloggers try their luck on the Amazon Affiliate Program. They can earn up to 10% advertising fees for each purchase. Creating intuitive links to amazon products is made easier with their SiteStripe feature. A good idea might be opting to show products that align with your food blog, like kitchen equipment and food ingredients.

3. Sponsored Posts

Sponsored posts refer to the posts in which you advertise the products of another brand. It can be the utensils you’re using or the ingredients you put in your recipe. The brand or company then pays you for the posts.

You can join influencer marketing agencies to help you connect with brands, such as Collectively and Tap Influence. Or, if you want a more food-specific agency, try CookIt Media.

However, you should not restrict yourself to short-term financial gain. You should look towards establishing long-term partnerships with brands as well. Maintaining a steady partnership with a brand is much easier than having to look for new ones every time you want to write a sponsored post. Therefore, make sure to promote their products in the most natural, engaging way. The more your audiences are interested in the product, the happier your clients will be.

Similar to ads, try to set some limitations on your sponsored posts. Although it might be tempting to accept every offer you get, credibility should still be your top priority. Therefore, accept the offers that you would personally recommend to your readers, like products that you’ve used or trusted. After all, they are the ones you’re selling the products for.

4. Selling Your Own Products

Many bloggers sell their own products or services to their readers. This can be a good source of income when your audience is engaged enough. With a food blog, selling your own e-Cookbooks might be a good idea. You can put the merchandise up on your blog, like Oh My Veggies does.

Alternatively, you can try selling it via online marketplaces, like Amazon or eBay.

There are many cookbooks out there and your book will have to face competition. To make yours stand out, you should find a niche to write about. Take Sam Turnbull’s vegan cookbook as an example. Hers is a cookbook about the vegan version of comfort foods, like pancakes, pizza, and chocolate brownies.

5. Collaboration with Other Blogs

Another way to earn money from food blogging is to collaborate with other food blogs or websites. The collaboration can take any form, including a recipe post, cooking video or food photography.

There are many blogs and websites that accept guest posts from other writers. Each site and blog has its own guidelines that a writer should follow, including the topic, length, and style.

For example, Menuism focuses on guest posts related to restaurant reviews and menus. Meanwhile, Disney Food Blog covers various Disney restaurants, as well as other Disney-related topics, such as hotels, news, parks, and many others.


Earning money from food blogging is more than possible when you utilize the right methods. These include sponsorships, putting up ads or affiliate links, selling your own products, or writing guest posts for other well-known blogs and websites. Remember to be patient and consistent when working towards success. All the bloggers we’ve mentioned also needed some time to get popular. Good luck!

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