How You Can Stay Comfortable as a Busy Mom


Comfort is paramount for most busy moms, especially if they are doing the school run or looking after a newborn, and most moms look to dress in clothes that they do not mind getting messy. To make sure that you can prioritize comfort and focus on being the best mom possible, here are some top tips.

Opt for Loose Clothing

Although it can be tempting to follow the trends for tighter clothing, as a mom, loose clothing is the way to go. This includes wardrobe staples such as smock and jumper dresses, as well as baggy knitwear, boyfriend jeans, and joggers. These items of clothing can allow you to move around without restrictions, and can be especially comfortable for those whose changing body shape is preventing them from being able to wear their usual favorites. Loose clothing can also be dressed up with a belt or other smart accessories if you want to balance both your home and social life.

Wear Contact Lenses

Most moms believe that glasses are the best option when it comes to eyewear, as they can easily be thrown on and off as needed. However, for those with poor eyesight, contact lenses are the best option. Not only can you avoid the splashes and smudges that often hinder your eyesight through the day when you wear glasses, but they also do not get in the way or have the tendency to get knocked around or smashed as much as glasses do. At, you can find the right lenses for any near- or long-sightedness issues that you have.

Use Waterproof Make-Up

One of the major challenges of trying to be both fashionable and comfortable as a mom is choosing the right make-up, and most moms will find their make-up becomes smudged and wears off quickly throughout the day. However, it does not have to be this way, and if you do decide to wear make-up as a mom, you should look around for the best waterproof options that are available to you, especially when choosing eyeliner and mascara.

Look for Flat Shoes

Even if the rest of your outfit is as loose and comfortable as possible, if you dress in a pair of high heels, you will spend more time thinking about them than completing your mom duties. Therefore, you should swap the kitten heels and wedges for flat alternatives. These do not have to be unstylish, though, and options such as loafers and brogues can help you to stay on-trend while giving you the comfortable flair that you need.

Make Sure Your Clothes Fit

There is nothing more uncomfortable, though, than your clothes being too small. Rather than look for your clothing size on the label, you should instead try on clothes before you buy to make sure that you get the best match for your body. Sizes differ between every shop, and so you should make sure that you do not restrict yourself by looking at the numbers on the labels.

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