How Your Pet Can Help Elevate Your Spirit

History has shown that pets have been great companions of human beings for thousands of years. In fact, studies have found that pet-keeping is an intrinsic part of human nature. Are you a pet lover or a new pet parent? Perhaps you’re still figuring out if you should get a pet? If you are still sitting on the fences, take this as a sign to adopt your furry little friend now. On the other hand, if you already have one, you’ll surely love your pet more after reading this post. Pets have been proven beneficial for improving your well-being. Want to know more why your pet is good for you? Check out our post below.

Reduce Stress and Anxiety

If you are feeling down and stressed out, just cuddle with your pet. Studies have found that spending time with your pet can lower stress levels of the hormones called cortisol and increases the level of oxytocin, a type of calming endorphins, which is known to reduce stress. Apart from that, pets can also help lower your blood pressure. If you have hyperactive or aggressive kids, keeping a pet can also help them calm down. Researchers have also noted that keeping pets can protect kids from childhood anxiety. So, if you want your kids to grow healthy and happy, having a pet around is highly recommended.

Improved Overall Wellbeing

Did you know that your pet can be a great key to enhancing your self-esteem and overall well-being? Studies have found that pet owners tend to be more physically fit, self-confident, more extroverted, and less lonely. Of course, keeping a pet alone is not enough to reap the benefits that pets provide. An unhealthy pet will bring more harm than good to you and your family. That is why pet experts from Hound Junkie encourage pet owners, particularly dog moms and dads, to take better care of their babies in terms of grooming and nutrition. Remember, you also have to keep your pet healthy to keep them happy. It is your responsibility as a pet-owner to keep your beloved pet in tip-top shape. When you look after your pet’s health, you are also looking after you and your family’s health and safety.

Building Healthy Habits

Being a pet owner comes with several responsibilities but don’t take it as a chore because your responsibilities are not only good for your pet, you also benefit from them. When you take care of your pet, you also start forming healthy habits and routines. This includes regular outdoor walks and other physical activities which will help you stay fit and connected with nature. When you look after your pet, you will also learn how to take better care of yourself. Regardless of your mood or the weather, having a pet around will force you to get up every single day to cater to their needs. In turn, this helps build a structure to your day, which will keep both you and your pet calm and well-balanced.

Building Healthy Habits

Socialize Better

Too shy to make friends? Or do you just want to stay connected and meet new people? Having a pet can undoubtedly work in your favor! Pets are known to provide social connections. You will most likely meet fellow dog lovers when you go out for a walk or if you are a cat person, you’ll easily be able to strike a conversation with someone who has a feline friend. This is a great advantage as it will help you avoid social isolation which brings about depression and other mental health problems. When you become more social, you become mentally healthier. If you want to teach healthy relationship skills to your kids, a pet can also be a big help. 

Lower Rate of Depression

It has been observed that pet owners are less likely to experience depression compared to those who do not own a pet. It has already been proven that keeping a pet around helps you combat depression and loneliness that is why those who are suffering from PTSD are recommended with animal therapy. Pets provide companionship and a sense of purpose. When you feel needed, you tend to be happier, more productive, and less lonely.

When you take care of your pet, you also gain from it. Science has already proven that having a pet can absolutely boost your mood and improve your overall health and well-being. So, the next time you are feeling down or lonely, know that you’ve got a friend in your pet!