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Africa hunting is a unique experience unmatched anywhere else on the planet if you seek a variety of real-big game animals, beautiful plain country, and a touch of danger. Most hunting in Africa is safari-style, meaning you drive along the hunting area in an open-top safari vehicle looking for tracks of game. Once fresh tracks or the game itself are spotted, a hunter stalks an animal on foot. Considering the open terrain and the implied killing distance, safari enthusiasts prefer to use a hunting rifle chambered for a potent long-range caliber. Alternatively, some African game animals can also be hunted with a bow from a blind placed near watering points.  Sports enthusiasts can also enjoy the best au online casino

Though Texas, New Mexico, and several other states provide great opportunities for hunting such non-native exotic animals as oryx, Barbary sheep, ibex, zebra, wildebeest, and many more, nothing compares to trophy hunting in Africa. That’s why we asked our friends from this online gun store to prepare a list of top African hunting destinations to consider for your future adventures. Enjoy reading.


A former Portuguese colony in the southwestern part of Africa, Mozambique is a relative newcomer to hunting safari, and the reason for that is a civil war that spanned 15 years and ended in 1992. It was devastating not only for the human population but also for the local wildlife and hunting industry. Nonetheless, Mozambique’s wild game populations are making an astounding recovery. Today the country boasts dozens of areas that provide excellent hunting, many of which, however, can be reached only by air.


In particular, Mozambique has 13 coutadas, known as concessions in other regions of Africa, and six hunting blocks in the Niassa National Reserve located in the southern part.

The area around the Zambezi River dividing Mozambique into two topographical regions was the most damaged during the civil war. However, the formal efforts to restore it resulted in a sharp increase in the animal population, specifically in the Cape Buffalo population. In fact, Mozambique has the second-largest population of this species, numbering over 50,000 individuals, and most of them are found in the Zambezi Delta.

Some other top Mozambique safari destinations include the Niassa Region, best known for its abundant elephant populations as well as lion and leopard hunting, and Lake Cahora Bassa (Tete Region) with abundant crocodile and hippo.


Zimbabwe has been one of the most sought-after African hunting safari destinations for decades, and though the country has gone through rough times during the last few years, the hunting industry is still thriving. Zimbabwe is situated right in the heart of southern Africa and borders Mozambique on the east. While it’s more developed than its Portuguese-speaking neighbor, the infrastructure still lags behind that of the other countries mentioned below. Besides, the unstable political climate may become a stumbling block for some hunters.


Zimbabwe has many safari parks, otherwise called safari hunting areas or concessions, and most are situated in the northwestern part of the country and border National Parks.

Zambezi Valley concessions (Chete, Chirisa, Charara, Hurungwe, Rifa, Nyakasanga, Sapi, Dande, and Chewore) located on the Zambian border provide probably the best Zimbabwe safari hunting experience. These lands are rich in elephants and buffalos, and the Zambezi itself is home to large populations of crocs and hippos. You can also hunt abundant plains game, such as sable, zebra, waterbuck, impala, kudu, and wildebeest, as well as lions and leopards supported by these prey animals.


It was Tanzania that hosted Teofore Roosevelt during his famous 1909 safari, and since then, adventurous hunters from around the world have dreamed about wilderness hunts in the safari mecca. Today, the country is globally known for its vast wilderness areas, outstanding biodiversity, and large wildlife population unmatched by any other African country.

Tanzania boasts over 50 game species, including Greater and Lesser Kudu, impala, warthog, eland, bushpig, topi, wildebeest, hartebeest, zebra, Fringe-Eared Oryx, waterbuck, and several species of gazelle. Cape Buffalo hunting in Tanzania is fantastic since the country numbers nearly 250,000 individuals. It’s the largest buffalo population in Africa. Also, the country offers outstanding hunts for elephants, lions, leopards, hippos, and crocodiles.


Hunting in Tanzania can be conducted in Game Reserves, Buffer Zones surrounding the National Parks, WMA, and Game Control Areas.

If it’s your first time in Tanzania, you should probably start with Selous Game Reserve, situated in the southern region. It’s the largest GR in the country and is among the largest on the continent. The area is relatively intact by human impacts and includes a variety of terrains, from dense forests to wide-open plains to rolling hills. Other top destinations include Muhesi GR, situated in the central region and characterized by open savannah and mountainous areas, and West Tanzania Moyowosi GR, best known for swampy areas.


Located on the west coast of Africa, Namibia was discovered as a premier hunting destination relatively late. However, the industry there is one of the most developed on the continent, and, unlike in Tanzania, the prices are reasonable.

Namibia is chosen for its abundant plains game population, in particular, Kalahari Desert Gemsbok and Springbok, and it’s the only place where hunters can pursue Hartmann’s Mountain Zebra and Damara Dik Dik. Leopards thrive there, but such dangerous species as Cape buffalo, elephant, and lion are present in small amounts. However, the fifth animal from the Big Five, the Black Rhinoceros, can be hunted only in Namibia.


Hunting can be conducted in some Communal Conservancies and government-owned areas close to National Parks or within Game Reserves. Most hunts start in the Spitzkoppe region, West Namibia. The area is characterized by rocky formations changed by thorn bush plains. The top attractions are kudu, hartebeest, oryx, steenbok, leopard, and more. In North Namibia, the Kunene River region and Etosha Area also provide excellent hunting. You can pursue warthog, eland, blue wildebeest, giraffe, Burchell’s zebra, cheetah, spotted hyena, and more.

South Africa

The main crown jewel of African hunting, South Africa provides the best experience on the Dark Continent. The country boasts some of the most diverse wildlife populations and terrains ranging from mountains and deserts to forests and swamps. Besides, South Africa has the most developed infrastructure, and you can reach the entire country via road from Johannesburg or Cape Town.

Hunts in South Africa are fantastic. Hunters came here to pursue a wide variety of plains game animals like blesbok, bontebok, blue and black wildebeest, bushbuck, bushpig, reedbuck, greater kudu, waterbuck, eland, impala, hartebeest, wildebeest, roan, and many more.

South Africa

South Africa big game hunting is also thriving. The country is home to all members of the Big Five, including the white and black rhinoceros. The northeastern portion provides excellent Cape buffalo hunting, and though its population isn’t very large, your odds of encountering a trophy bull are high. South Africa is one of the three countries where you can hunt giraffes. Such biodiversity makes SA the best country to pursue all animals typically hunted in Africa.

The best place to get started in South Africa hunting is Eastern Cape. Be sure to visit this site if you are interested in checking out an online casino. You can pursue such rare antelope species as gray rhebok, red lechwe, and blue duiker or go on a nighttime caracal hunt. The eastern Free State, Northern Cape Kalahari region, bushveld of Limpopo, and highveld of Mpumalanga are also considered the top plains game hunting destinations.

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