Hunting Equipment You Should Have


People hunt for a variety of reasons. Whether it’s to look for the best quality lean meat such as venison and elk or pest control for your crops or livestock, you will need to be equipped with the set of equipment. This will not only maximize hunting efficiency but also improve your chances of survival in case things go wrong.

If you’re already thinking about hunting, I’ll assume you already know that you’ll need a hunting rifle or bow. In this article, I’ll be covering some popular (yet not fully appreciated) equipment you must have in your hunting arsenal!


Knives come in a wide range of sizes for different functions. Every hunter will need a general purpose knife such as these tac force evolution knives for common tasks such as trimming through bushes and cutting lines.

If you aren’t encumbered, a machete would be great for cutting and maintaining trails. They’re also versatile enough for you to chop through wood if that’s necessary. You can find plenty of options on the market, such as the ones in the z-hunter knives line.

Bear Spray

When you’re out there in the wild, you’re not the only predator. A bear spray would be your best bet against an unfortunate bear attack. Some sprays can survive multiple rounds, and I highly suggest you try shooting it into a safe, open area to see if it works. Don’t forget eye protection in case the wind redirects it!

Do NOT keep the bear spray in your hunting bag, because a bear can run up to 15m/sec, and theirs is no way you can rummage through your pack in time. It’s best to keep it around your belt for easy access.

Although bear attacks are relatively rare, as the saying goes: Better safe than sorry. You can get hunting equipment at IBC7 Outdoors.

Scent blockers

Everyone likes to smell nice. But that might not be the case for whatever you’re hunting for. Deer are very sensitive to smell and will stay away from anything that’s unnatural to them. Even a trace of the smell of shampoo you used the night before can scare them away.

There are numerous types of scent blockers in the market. The most common kind are sprays, which you just spray onto your clothes and hunting gear. There are also soaps which you can apply on your body when you’re in the shower before a hunt.

Decoys and calls

Setting up a decoy properly will be a HUGE advantage for you. This comes hand in hand with the appropriate calls. Before you deploy a decoy, you’ll need to know what season the game animal is in. During the peak of the rut, bucks will be searching for does. Using a couple of doe bleats will stop a buck in its tracks, thinking she’s ready. Before you know it, he will be stomping towards your decoy and in line of sight.

Night Vision Scope

Night Vision Scope option is a hot topic with predators worldwide.  There are many things to factor into a range selection.  What sport will be geared to harvest is the first consideration.  Next where and at what circumstances the equipment is going to be routinely used has to be determined.  For crossbows, be sure to check out this crossbow scope review.

Once those decisions have been made choosing night vision vs. thermal scopes must be produced. Both night vision along with thermal imaging help a hunter in discovering, identifying and comprehending his playing match animal. The choice of night vision and thermal imaging is optional by several considerations.

Different animals such as turkey and rabbits will require different strategies and calls, so make sure you’ve done your research!

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