Ideas for growing your business via Social Media


Social Media now plays a highly important part in the day to day life of a business, especially throughout the last few years, and means that improving your business’ online reputation is more crucial than it ever was before.

Here are some ideas which will help you rise ahead of your competitors.

Digital Media

When scrolling through each social media platform, the first thing that users will notice will be your digital media if you choose to include it. But what is digital media? Basically, these are your pictures, videos, GIFs, or other non-text content within your post. The use of this will play a huge part in grabbing your attention so you should make sure that it is relevant to your content and that it is in the highest quality available.

When trying to sell a product online you would not just describe it in five words, because a poor-quality description would make it look like you have a poor-quality product. In order to sell products successfully online, you’ll need to make sure that you have the best images and videos to sell it for you. But what if you fear that you do not have the capacity to develop videos in-house? If so, then you can also consider outsourcing this to make sure you can stand out from the crowd and divert attention away from your competitors.

To browse some examples and understand the likely cost for these services, take a look at a company performing outside of the box.  Origins of Motion are in Cambridge UK and produce superb quality content which is sure to engage with your audience on social media. Professional videos just like this will display to your audience how serious you are and persuade people to invest in your brand.


It is all good to say you want users to see your content, but secondly, you also want them to interact with it. Therefore, you should create promotional material which will entice your target audience to click on your posts and view them; this can be done in a few different ways:

One idea is to include links to offers with engaging content. If for example you simply tweeted out in plain text that you had a 20% sale going on, you are unlikely to attract anyone’s particular interest. However, if you also included a fun looking graphic posted alongside this which detailed a particular product on sale within the next 48 hours, more people will pause from scrolling, view the post, take an interest in the item you are selling, and hopefully make the transaction.

Secondly, another option is to provide your audience with a product giveaway. By taking part in this activity, you will be encouraging your existing followers to share a post in order to enter the competition which will then allow for your content to be distributed to an even wider audience. Not only this, but you could also instruct users that they need to like/follow the particular social media account to be in with a chance of winning. Just make sure you adhere to the guidelines of the social media channel that you are operating on.

An advantage of using Twitter is that the platform can provide you with information for how many people have looked at your posts and of these, how many clicked on links you have inserted. You can understand more about Twitter analytics if you’re interested?

Tone of Voice

Your first impression to a new and potential customer is one of the most vital aspects in a business, whether online or face-to-face, and this applies to social media too. You need to make sure that all content posted out from your company is recognisable to your brand and the ethics and principles you follow. To schedule out content at the correct time you can use a social media planning website.

If someone stumbled onto a company’s social media account but saw that they had not posted in the last year, they would usually immediately lose interest and leave the page. But what happens if they then searched online and found one of your competitors? As a result, it is imperative that content be posted frequently on each of your social media accounts.

There are plenty of other tips or suggestions around to give you an idea of what you should do, but if you want to move ahead of the competitors in your market you should simply start with the basics. Explore how your previous social media campaigns and content has gone and then undertake research to understand what your target audience wants from you. Be consistent, follow your voice and there is no doubt that you will build a trusted presence on today’s most widely used social media sites.

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