Ideas for Tattoos for Men


Thinking of getting a tattoo and going under the needle is not as challenging as choosing what tattoos for men to opt for or the part of the body that will house the tattoo. Tattoos are drawn using permanent ink, and if you make the wrong choice from the start, you will live to regret it for the rest of your life.

To prevent this from happening, make sure you have decided well on what you want before the process starts. Our guide will help you decide on the best tattoos for men. Choose wisely the art that will be permanently painted on your body and the body part where it will be stuck forever. If you want to have a professionally-made and 100% safe tattoo, contact Jose Torres Tattoo.

Tiny Tattoo

Many people are choosing to be permanently inked the small tattoos for men because there is a wide choice of where you can get them drawn on your body. Some people prefer them on the neck, on a finger or at the back. They are also a good choice for people who do not want to expose their tattoos to the public since they can be covered easily. If it is your first tattoo and you are afraid of pain, the tiny tattoo would be a great choice.

Tiny Tattoo

Simple Tattoos

If you are not excited by designs, the simple tattoo will be the best choice for you. They are a simple writing without calligraphy and are easy to read. They can also be of different shapes, but the shapes will not be colored or shaded.

Animal Tattoo

If you think of yourself as a particular animal or admire the animal’s character, you can choose to paint it over your body permanently. Choose a tattoo of any animal of your choice. If you want to have an eagle, a lion or a wolf on your body, get a good tattoo artist who can bring out something close to a real lion. A lot of people choose to make dog portrait tattoo. For example, Bulldog portrait tattoos are very popular, because it is a great way to demonstrate love to your loyal pet.

Lettering Tattoo

Some people go for lettering tattoos for men. According to MensHaircuts, some tattoo the name of their loved ones on their skin; this could be their mother, spouse or child. Others combine the letters with unique calligraphy and font, making the lettering tattoo unique. You can choose to have your tattoo on the arm, thighs or the ribs.

Cross Tattoo

Isn’t it surprising that you can also honor your faith by getting a cross tattoo drawn on your arm, neck, or other parts of the body? The cross has a very significant meaning to the Christians as it represents how Jesus Christ willingly gave himself out for humankind’s sake. However, if you want your tattoo to have a different meaning, you can ask your designer to incorporate other designs and details.

Cross Tattoo

Star Tattoos for Men

Astronomical objects carry a deeper meaning. The stars in the sky are perceived to symbolize hope and a chance to wish for something better, and it holds the same meaning when tattooed on a man’s hand.

Money Tattoo

If your mind revolves around money, you will find yourself constantly thinking to get a money tattoo. You can choose to draw coins or notes. Your money tattoo can also represent your dreams of financial freedom. Every time you look at your arm or chest and see the money tattoo, you get the urge to work hard to achieve your goal.

Music tattoo

Music has an essential role in our lives. We listen to it to put our spirits up and inspire us. People who play instruments or sing are passionate about music, and most of them end up with music tattoos for men with musical signs, or lyrics. You can accompany your violin tattoo with some flowers or very tiny stars.

Feather Tattoo

Feathers are used to symbolize freedom. You can tell your tattoo artist to draw it with a different design to bring out different meanings, according to your choice. This is because different cultures have a different meaning with feathers.

Arrow Tattoo

Arrows are mostly used to show direction. Other cultures view it as a weapon used by hunters to poach animals and fighters for protection. You can choose a design of arrow tattoo from the many that are available.

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