Ideas for Using the Space Under the Stairs in 2022

Owners of country houses and two-level apartments are often faced with the question: of how to fill the space under the stairs. Even if there is a lot of space in the house, you still want no square meter to remain useless.

Today, a lot of ideas have been invented to use the space under the stairs in the most functional way. At the same time, do not forget about the aesthetic side, because the stairs are usually located in the hallway opposite the entrance, and everything under it, immediately catches the eye. So, how can you use the space under the stairs? Creative ideas, functional solutions from our designers – more.

How to Use the Space Under the Stairs to Maximum Advantage?

Often the space under the stairs is used for utility rooms, storage systems, and pantries. If you want to equip a pantry room, then close the space with a door that would merge in style with the walls. The door should not stand out and attract attention.

In the pantry, you can store:

  • inventory;
  • bicycles, sleds, scooters, skis;
  • tools;
  • sunbeds;
  • winter supplies.

If the height under the stair space allows, then under the stairs you can arrange a beautiful dressing room. You can come here, and change clothes. All rooms must be divided into sections. In some to equip boxes, in others to fix hangers, to establish regiments. All this wealth is covered by a door. Thanks to this toilet, in other rooms there will be enough small cabinets to have only relevant things.

Additional Rooms Under the Stairs

If space allows, you can create a full-fledged room under the stairs, such as a study. Here you need to place a table, chair, small office cabinet, or hanging shelves for books and documents, and office equipment. It is very important to equip the room with good lighting: both general and spot.


Unusual, of course, but creative. You can set up a bed under the stairwell. Nothing can fit in there anymore. Pillows, beautiful, cozy textiles, and soft plaid will decorate this area, designed for day rest and sleep.


A niche under the stairs is often equipped with a bath or toilet. This is convenient, especially if the second floor is equipped with another bathroom.

It is much easier, to sum up, general communications. When equipping bathrooms, you need to think about a good ventilation system and install an additional section for space heating. Choose to plumb of the minimum sizes, instead of a bathroom, establish a shower cabin.


If you do not want to give a full room for the library, the space under the stairs is quite suitable for this. Shelves and shelves that sink into the wall will fit harmoniously into the interior. Equip the reading area with an armchair and a small table.

Game Room

This is where you can create a real place for children’s entertainment. Install a two-tiered structure under the stairwell: set aside the first tier for the bed, and the second – for games, and children’s things. Or put a transformer bed here. Assembled, the bed will take up a minimum of space, and the whole space will be a game.

Beautiful Corner Under the Stairs

True aesthetes think more about beauty than about functionality. We will throw other ideas at them. What if you organize it under the stairs:

  • a large aquarium that occupies the entire area;
  • greenhouse with interesting representatives of the flora;
  • an art gallery with the illumination of each copy;
  • fireplace or stove.

How much attention will be drawn to this seemingly unnecessary place under the stairs? How many pleasant impressions will be left from what all the guests of the house see!

Recreation Area Under the Stairs

Arrange a leisure area under the stairs. Place a TV, bar, or lounge area here. Decorate it in light colors, equip it with a cozy armchair or sofa, and arrange soft lighting. The backstage atmosphere is sure to calm you down and distract you from everyday problems and worries.

How many ideas can be implemented by thinking about the design of the space under the stairs in the hallway! And that’s not all. Find other interesting ideas and solutions on the pages of the Room Planner blog.